Discussion Topics:




The role of ceremony in our lives


1.E:How important are ceremonies in our lives?


C: Well, according to my knowledge of them, ceremonies have had great significance in our lives in a way that they help unite people, creating opportunities for them communicate and exchange their thoughts and feelings. Communication is socially important considering the fact that it promotes harmony and stability of a socie-ty. And ceremonies always provide people with chances to achieve them for good reasons. They are indispensable for the healthy development of a country.


2.E: Do you see the role of private and public ceremonies changing in the future?


C: Yes, it for sure will. The popularity of private ceremonies will rise in the next few years due to the ever more intense lifestyle of modern people and their growing needs to get together for a good maintenance of their relationships . Similarly , people are beginning to realise the importance of public ceremonies and the benefits they're endowed . I hold the prediction that they will also become more welcomed in the fu ture .


Attitudes to marriage in your country


3.E:Have attitudes to marriage changed in recent years?


C: I guess I can take yes for an answer. Attitudes to marriage have changed quite a deal in the past few years. It used to be treated as a privilege held in possession by one's parents. One must be arranged to marry someone appointed by his /her parents without any resentment, which was indeed the cause of many failed relationships and family tragedies. People used to hold the idea that marriage was for good and the extension of family descent was the priority of it. Divorce was rarely seen and remarriage of women was even treated disgraceful. Now, to say a milestone has been achieved in the change of it is hardly an overstatement. People now handle it with more liberty. They encourage the view that marriage is for love and love should be prior to all things. A break-up in a marital relation is no more regarded as a shameful thing.


4. E: In what ways do men and woman feel differently about marriage, in your opinion?


C: You know, that's really a tough question for me since I'm still short of personal experiences in this field. However, I honestly think that this question is better explained by specific examples rather than by general discussion. But if I were to talk about it from the standpoint of the common attitudes men and women have for it respectively, I would conclude roughly as follows: men usually believe that marriage means more responsibilities than romance , whereas women take into account more sensitive feelings they think essential to the foundation of a good marriage. That might result from the different roles they play in the society. Have I made myself clear this way ?


Events of national/global significance


5.E:What sort of national events make headlines in your country?


C: Well, there're national events with various contents that could hit the headlines in newspapers in my country. To my experience, I see political actions always make themselves top news, for the reason that they concern the development of our nation as well as every single citizen's life. Nationwide events ranging from new findings through scientific researches, economic progress in regions of China, to sport championships and entertainments could all be headline issues at times. Others included may be explosive news like natural catastrophes, significant reform of famous or ganizations, and hideous crimes and destructions.


6. E: Does the media in your country pay more attention to global or national events?


C: Having a closer association with the lives of the citizens, national news has had the media of our country reveal more concern to it. By broadcasting all sorts of issues happening in our country on a daily basis, it attaches great significance to the interests of every individual person, for which matter it has naturally become the focus of attention of the domestic media. National news constitutes approximately 80 per cent of the entire series of news broadcast, leaving the rest to be occupied by global news. Seizing less time share though, the report of international news has its importance that could not be minimised. As is known to us all, one of the most important functions of news is to let us keep track with what's happening in the entire world to better understand ourselves as part of the globe and know what our strengths and weaknesses are. The world is interdependent internally and it is the responsibility of the media to let us be clear about it and know what actions should be taken accordingly to promote the life quality of the entire human race.