Questions 11-16

Choose the correct letter, A, Bor C.


11 PS Camping has been organising holidays for

A 15 years.

B 20 years.

C 25 years.


12 The company has most camping sites in

A France

B Italy.

C Switzerland


13 Which organised activity can children do every day of the week?

A football

B drama

C model making


14 Some areas of the sites have a 'no noise' rule after

A 9.30 p.m.

B 10.00 p.m

C 10.30 p.m


15 The holiday insurance that is offered by PS Camping

A can be charged on an annual basis.

B is included in the price of the holiday.

C must be taken out at the time of booking.


16 Customers who recommend PS Camping to friends will receive

A a free gift.

B an upgrade to a luxury tent.

C a discount.


Questions 17-20

What does the speaker say about the following items?Write the correct letter, A, B or C, next to questions 17-20.


A They are provided in all tents.

B They are found in central areas of the campsite.

C They are available on request.


17 barbecues......

18 toys......

19 cool boxes......

20 mops and buckets.....


11. The company started twenty-five years ago. It actually opened as a retail chain selling camping equipment, and then twenty years ago, it bought a small number of campsites in the UK, and began offering camping holidays. The company grew rapidly and has been providing holidays in continental Europe for the last fifteen years.

危丁解牛:第一个句子是简单句。第二个句子是由and连接的两个简单句组成的并列复合句。在and后的句子中,bought a small number of campsites in the UKbegan offering camping holidays是由and连接的两个并列的成分,主语都是it。在第三个句子中,grew rapidlyhas been providing holidays是由and连接的两个并列的成分,主语都是The company

难点提示:题目中给出三个时间选项,首先听到的是C选项中的25 years ago,但它前面是company started(公司开业),最后听到的是A选项中的15 years ago,但它后面是providing holidays in...Europe(在欧洲提供假日服务),而题


技巧点拨:听到B选项中的20 years ago,后面又听到了began offering camping holidays,和题目中的has been organizing holidays意思相符,所以答案是B选项。



12. In Italy we now have some 64 sites that we either own, or have exclusive use of.France is where we have the majority of sites, and we currently have a project to expend into Switzerland.

厄丁解牛:第一个句子是主从复合句,that引导的定语从句修饰 some 64 sites。第二个句子是由and连接的两个句子组成的并列复合句,and前是一个主从复合句,where引导的是表语从句,and后是一个简单句。

难点提示:题目中给出三个国家作为选项,首先听到的是B选项中的Italy,它后面说的是have 64 sites,而题目问的是哪个国家的场地最多,还不能确定B

选项是否是答案;接下来听到的是A选项中的France,它后面说的是the majority of sites(大多数的场地),显然A选项是答案。B选项是干扰项。


技巧点拨:题目中的关键词most和录音中的the majority of是同义词,这一点很容易听出来,而the majority of sites说的是A选项France的情况,所以答案是A选项。



13. Each day kicks off with a sports match, perhaps football, or volleyball, followed by an hour of drama for everyone...In the afternoon,there's a different art activity for each day of the week including a poster competition or model making.


难点提示:题目中给出三个表示儿童活动的选项,题目中的every day在录音中被替换成each day,这个替换很明显,可作为定位答案的路标词。后面首先听到的是football,or volleyball,A选项中只有football,所以A选项是干扰项。

最后又听到了each day...a poster competition or model making,C选项中只有model making,所以C选项也是干扰项。

技巧点拨:根据录音中的Each day...an hour of drama,所以答案是B选项。



14. Children's evening activities usually finish at 9.30, or occasionally 10, and from10.30 holiday-makers are expected to be quiet in the areas where there are tents.


难点提示:题目中给出三个时间选项。首先听到的是activities...finish at 9.30,or...10(活动9点半或10点结束),而题目问的是'no noise' after(几点之后没有喧闹声),所以A选项9.30pmB选项10.00pm是干扰项。

技巧点拨:C选项中的10.30在本句录音中重现,考生听到from 10.30...be quiet(10.30保持安静),be quiet相当于no noise,所以答案是C选项。



15.If you haven't organized an annual insurance policy of your own you'll need to take out the low-cost cover we offer and we require that you arrange this when you make your holiday reservation.

厄丁解牛:这是由and连接的两个句子组成的并列复合句。and前是主从复合句,if引导的是条件状语从句,you'll need to take out the low-cost cover是主句,we offer是定语从句,修饰the low-cost cover;and后也是主从复合句,that引导的是宾语从句,when引导的是时间状语从句。

难点提示:“reservation  n.预定,预约“booking  n.登记,预约。技巧点拨:题目中的关键词insurance在本句录音中重现,后面听到的take out...

when...reservationC选项中的must be taken out at the time of booking意思相符,所以答案是C选项。



16. In return, we'll send you a thank-you present, which you can choose from a list of high-quality items.



技巧点拨:考生听到a thank-you present(一件表示感谢的礼物)和A选项a free gift(一件免费的礼物)意思相符,所以答案是A选项。



17. If you don't want to cook indoors, you can borrow a barbecue if you ask in advance or one to be made available, and there's even a picnic blanket to sit on outside you ent.

危丁解牛:这是由and连接的两个句子组成的并列复合句。and前是主从复合句,主句是you can borrow a barbecue,两个if引导的都是条件状语从句;and后是一个 there be句型的简单句。


技巧点拨:题目中的关键词barbecue在本句录音中重现,考生可听到you can borrow...if you ask,C选项中的available on request意思相符,所以答案是C选项。



18. Inside, a box of games and toys can be found, and children's tents can be hired if required

胞丁解牛:这是由and连接的两个简单句组成的并列复合句,if required是条件状语。

难点提示:录音中的inside实际上指的就是A选项中的in all tents。本题考查整体理解能力。

技巧点拨:题目中的关键词toys在本句录音中重现,考生可听到Inside...toys can b foundA选项中的They are provided in all tents意思相符,所以答案是A选项。



19. All tents have a fridge, and if you want to spend the day on the beach, for example ask for a specially designed PS Camping cool box, which will keep your food and drinks chilled.

危丁解牛:这是由and连接的两个句子组成的并列复合句。and前是一个简单句;and后是主从复合句,if引导的是条件状语从句,主句是ask for a specially designed PS Camping cool box,which引导的非限定性定语从句修饰cool box

难点提示:“fridge[frid3]n.电冰箱“cool box冷藏箱

技巧点拨:题目中的关键词cool boxes在本句录音中重现,前面听到的ask forC选项中的on request意思相符,所以答案是C选项。



20. There are excellent washing facilities at all our sites, with washing machines and clothes lines in the central areas, along with mops and buckets in case your tent needs cleaning during your stay.

危丁解牛:这是一个主从复合句。主句是there be句型,in case引导的是条件状语从句。技巧点拨:题目中的关键词mops and buckets在本句录音中重现,前面听到的是in the central areas,B选项中的in central area相符,所以答案是B选项。本题比较容易。