2021年大学英语四级听力材料第1套 Section A


News Report One


And finally in tonight's news, a nine-year-old boy named Joe, told not to draw in class, wins a job decorating a restaurant with his drawings. Rather than shutting down the habit of drawing in his school's workbook, [1] Joe's parents decided to encourage his creativity by sending their son to an after-school art class. His teacher recognized Joe's talent and posted all his work online, which led to something pretty wonderful. [2] A restaurant named Number 4 in Newcastle contacted Joe's teacher to ask if the nine-year-old could come and decorate its dining room with his drawings. Everyday after school, Joe's dad drives him to the restaurant, so he can put his ideas straight on the wall. Once he's all done, the work will remain there permanently). Joe's dad said, "Joe is a really talented little boy. He's excellent at school. He's great at football, but drawing is definitely what he is most passionate about."




1What did Joes parents decide to do

2What did the restaurant Number 4


News Report Two


[3] Kirsteen Marshall, a 34-year-old mum of one, posted a tearful video on social media Wednesday, begging for the safe return of her beloved pet dog. After combing through the security video outside a Gorbals shop, Kirsteen has now posted an image of a man suspected of stealing the dog.The image appears to show a man carrying the dog in his arms. Kirsteen also believes the video obtained from the shop shows the dog being stolen by man before driving off in a car which had been waiting nearby. [4] The family is now offering a 5,000 pound reward for the safe return of the dog after launching a social media campaign to find the thief.The dog is six and a half years old, and was last seen wearing a red collar. Kirsteen said, "We will pay that to anyone who brings him home as long as they are not responsible for his disappearance." Police are investigating the incident.




3What is Kirsteen Marshall trying to do

4What does the news report say about Kirteen Marshalls family


News Report Three


London's Eggs and Bread Café offers boiled eggs, toast,jam and bacon, as well as tea, coffee and orange juice. But at the end of the meal, customers don't have to worry about the bill. Hungry customers can pay whatever amount they can afford to eat at the café or nothing at all. [5] Owner Guy Wilson says his café aims to build community rather than profits. He wants to provide a bridge for people to connect in an area that has been divided by class and wealth by providing affordable breakfast. The café is open in the mornings every day of the year, and has two members of staff or supervisors on shift every day. [6] The café doesn't use volunteers, but pays its staff to ensure consistency in its service. It doesn't take donations and doesn't want to be seen as a charity. [7] Mr. Wilson says, when people start to know other people around them, they realize they're not that different. And whatever their financial background or their educational background, most people will have something in common with each other. He says it's important that his café can offer his customers security and permanence.




5What does Guy Wilson say his cafe aims to do

6What does the news report say about Eggs and Bread Cafe

7What happens when people start to know each other according to Guy Wilson