(Grammatical Structure)

一、时态和语态(The Tense and The Voice)



1 This group generally do well in IQ test, scoring 12-15 points above the mean value of 100, and have contributed disproportionately to the intellectual and cultural life of the West, as the careers of their elites, including several world-renowned scientists, affirm.




2 A century ago,Freud formulated his revolutionary theory that dreams were the disguised shadows of our unconscious desires and fears; by the late 1970s, neurologists had switched to thinking of them as just "mental noise"the random byproducts of the neural-repair work that goes on during sleep.




3 She felt suitably humble just as she had when he had first taken a good look at her city self, hair waved and golden, nails red and pointed.




4  I'd say whenever you are going after something that belongs to you,anyone who is depriving you of the right to have it is criminal.




5 For him to be re-elected, what is essential is not that his policy works, but that the public believe that it does.




6 The conveniences that Americans desire reflect not so much a leisurely lifestyle as a busy lifestyle in which even minutes of time are too valuable to be wasted.




7  Greater efforts to increase agricultural production must be made if food shortage is to be avoided.




8 I hope her health will have improved greatly by the time we come back next year.




9 John isn't a diligent student, for it is the third time he has been late, isn't it?




10 No sooner had the words been spoken than he realized that he should have remained silent.




11 We had hoped to start our own business, but we never had enough money to do so




12 You love your only son and indulge him so much that you are doing him harm.




13 It is perhaps not an exaggeration to say that there are those who consider it questionable that these defense-linked research projects will account for an improvement in the standard of living or, alternatively, will do much to protect our diminishing resources.




二、虚拟语气(The Subjunctive Mood)



1 After the terrible air crash she began to be worried lest he should have met with some accident the day before.




2 The millions of calculations involved, had they been done by hand, would have lost all practical value by the time they were finished.




3 A safety analysis would have identified the target as a potential danger.Unfortunately,it was never done.




4 I'd rather you went by train, because I can't bear the idea of your being in an airplane in such bad weather.




5 There is a real possibility that these animals could be frightened, should there be a sudden loud noise.




6 It is generally thought to be of importance to a man that he (should) know himself.




7 He was to have been appointed as the manager of the company, but he fell seriously ill.




8  You look so tired tonight. It is high time you went to bed.




9  The teacher thought it essential that all the exercise books (should) be handed in no later than Friday morning.




10 We must urge that delegates (should) be elected from the various factories in the city.




11 I said something that made matters much worse. If only I had kept my mouth shut!




12 She wasn't in good health, otherwise she would have worked harder.




13 Had it not been for Professor Russel standing up for him, he would have had to leave.




14 But for your kind advice we could not have succeeded in the experiment when we were in trouble.




13 Were the Times Co. to purchase another major media company, there is no doubt that it could dramatically transform a family-run enterprise that still gets 90% of its revenue from newspapers.