Paris is like pornography. You respond even if you don't want to. You turn a corner and see a vista, and your imagination bolts away. Suddenly you are thinking about what it would be like to live in Paris, and ther you think about all the lives you have not lived. Sometimes, though, when you are lucky, you only think about how many pleasures the day ahead holds . Then , you feel privileged .


The lobby of the hotel is decorated in red and gold. It gives off a whiff of 19th-century decadence.Probably as much as any hotel in Paris, this hotel is sexy. I was standing facing the revolving doors and the driveway beyond . A car with a woman in the back seat - a woman in a short skirt and black-leather jacket -pulled up before the hotel door. She swung off and she was wearing high heels. Normally, my mind would have leaped and imagined a story for this woman. Now it didn't. I stood there and told myself. Cheer up.You're in Paris .


In many ways, Paris is best visited in winter. The tourist crowds are at a minimum, and one is not being jammed off the narrow sidewalks along the Rue Dauphine. More than this, Paris is like many other European cities in that the season of blockbuster cultural events tends to begin in mid-to late fall and so , by the time of winter , most of the cultural treasures of the city are laid out to be admired .


The other great reason why Paris in winter is so much better than Paris in spring and fall is that after the end of the August holidays and the return of chic Parisian women to their city, the restaurant-opening season truly begins hopping. By winter, many of the new restaurants have worked out their kinks(不足;困难)and, once the hype has died down, it is possible to see which restaurants are actually good and which are merely noisy and crowded.


Most people are about as happy as they set their mind to being, Lincoln said. In Paris it doesn't take much to be happy. Outside the hotel, the sky was pale and felt very high up. I walked the few blocks to the Seine and began running along the blue-green river toward the Eiffel Tower. The tower in the distance was black, and felt strange and beautiful the way that many things built for the joy of building do. As I ran toward it, because of its lattice structure, the tower seemed obviously delicate. Seeing it, I felt a sense of protectiveness.I think it was this moment of protectiveness that marked the change in my mood and my slowly becoming thrilled with being in Paris.


During winter evenings , Paris's streetlamps have a halo and resemble dandelions . In winter , when one leaves the Paris street and enters a cafe or restaurant, the light and temperature change suddenly and dramatically, there is the sense of having discovered something secret. In winter, because the days are short,there is an urgency to the choices one makes. There is the sense that life is short and so let us decide on what matters.


15. According to the passage, once in Paris one might experience all the following feelings EXCEPT[B] condescension

[A] regret  

[B] condescension  

[C] expectation  

[D] impulse


16. Winter is the best season to visit Paris. Which of the following does NOT support this statement?

[A] Fashionable Parisian women return to Paris.

[B] More entertainment activities are staged.

[C] There are more good restaurants to choose from.

[D] There are fewer tourists in Paris.


17. In the eyes of the author, winter in Paris is significant because of

[A] the atmosphere of its evenings

[B] its implications for life

[C] the contrast it brings

[D] the discovery one makes


18. At the end of the passage, the author found himself in a mood

[A] excitement

[B] thoughtfulness

[C] loneliness



15.[B]推理判断题。根据试题顺序和题干中的关键词Paris定位至首段。该段描述了作者对巴黎的印象和感受,唯一没有提及的感觉是condescension(谦虚,屈尊,自以为高人一等),[B]为答案。该段第四句指出Suddenly you are thinking about what it would be like to live in Paris, and then you think about all the lives you have not lived.句中使用了虚拟语气,表达了一种遗憾之情,[A]符合文意,故排除;由该段第五句中的you only think about how many pleasures the day ahead holds可以看出一种期待的心情,[C]符合文意,故排除;而由该段第一、二句Paris is like pornography.You respond even if you don't want to.可知,作者认为,人们内心会对巴黎产生一种不可自持的冲动之情,[D]符合文意,故排除。


16.[A]事实细节题。由题干中的the best season定位至第三、四段。第四段首句提到the return of chic Parisian women to their city,但这同八月假期的结束一样,是很多餐馆开张的原因,并非冬天是游览巴黎最好的季节的原因,故[A]为答案。[B]是对第三段末句中的the season of blockbuster cultural events...are laid out to be admired的解释,故排除;由第四段末句中的it is possible to see which restaurants are actually good可知,[C]是原因之一,故排除;第三段第二句指出The tourist crowds are at a minimum,[D]符合文意,故排除。


17.[B]推理判断题。按照试题顺序及题干中的winter定位至末段。该段最后两句指出In winter,because the days are let us decide on what matters.可知,冬季巴黎,白天很短,人们在做抉择时会有种紧迫感。给人的感觉是,人生苦短,所以我们要在重要的事情上当机立断,这是对生活的感悟,显然很重要,故[B]为答案。[A]是对末段首句的曲解,夜晚巴黎的景象并不能说明巴黎的冬天的重要性,故排除[A];[C][D]是对该段第二句内容做出的总结,但并非巴黎冬天的意义所在,由此引发出作者对生活的思考才是作者看重巴黎冬天的原因,故均排除


18.[A]推理判断题。由题干中的At the end of the passage定位至最后两段。倒数第二段作者说对埃菲尔铁塔的保护欲让其对巴黎产生了一种兴奋之情;在最后一段最后两句中作者抒发了自己对巴黎的感受,冬季巴黎,白天很短,人们在做抉择时会有种紧迫感,给人的感觉是,人生苦短,所以我们要在重要的事情上当机立断。所有这些其实都是对作者心情的描述,说明作者很兴奋、很激动,有一种抓住时间好好生活的劲头儿。[A]excitement"兴奋”最能恰当地概括作者的心情,故为答案。