第十二课 电子邮件/婚礼


1. Do you often write E-mails? Why? What is the worst thing about writing an E-mail?  你总写电子邮件吗?为什么?写电子邮件不好的地方在哪里呢?

Yes, an Email is a cool way to communicate with people who lice far away. And making phone calls is certainly big bonus for everybody. But seriously, there are still some time when people don’t feel like talking on the phone: Apparently, E-mail can really sort this out : But I am not saying it is all good : As to the bad thing, the thing I can think about is writing E-mail will degrade my handwriting. And now my handwriting is all Greek to people and maybe only Martians can read it:  是的,我写电子邮件。电子邮件是一种与远方朋友沟通交流非常好的方式。当然,打电话对每一个人来说,也是一种很好的方式。但是,有时仍有一些时候,人们不愿意用电话交谈。很显然,电子邮件可以解决这个问题。但我不认为它各方面都好。至于不好的方面,我认为写电子邮件会降低我的书法水平。现在,我的字迹对别人来说像希腊语,或许只有火星人能读懂它。

2. How do you like to communicate, By E-mail or telephone?  电子邮件和电话相比,你更喜欢哪种沟通方式?

Well, for me, I would like to use the phone. You know, E-mail definitely can not hold a candle to phone, which is much faster, and more convenient. Maybe the only thing less impressive is it costs a lot, especially when you are making too many long-distance and overseas phone calls.  嗯,对我来说,我更喜欢电话交流。你也知道,电子邮件不能和电话比。电话更快捷,更方便。或许唯一让人不满意的就是它是费用花费比较多。特别是你在打过多长途电话和越洋电话的时候。


Describe a wedding ceremony you took part in,

You should say;

whose wedding it was

when and where it was held

what people did

and explain why you like it.


I want to talk about the wedding ceremony of my colleague. She got married about five years ago. The wedding ceremony was held in a restaurant which is called“Red Rose”. Many people came over. The bride was in a red dress which looked very striking. She toasted with each of us and every guest wished the new couple good luck and happiness and hoped their love could last forever. When she passed by me, I asked her in private, “How do you feel?” She gave me a shy smile and said, “My heart is beating very fast and I feel very excited.” After a little while, we asked them to perform for us. They sang together. We cheered and clapped our hands while listening. This kind of wedding is very common in China. And marriage is a kind of strong tie between two people, The bride and the bridegroom will dress up and red decorations can be seen everywhere because it means luck in China. Sometimes we play tricks on the newlyweds to make the atmosphere better.  



1. Do Chinese people often hold parties?  中国人经常办聚会吗?

No, I don’t think so. We often have meals together but we seldom hold parties.   不,我认为不是。我们经常一起吃饭但我们很少办聚会。

2. On what occasions do Chinese people have parties?  中国人在上面时候办聚会?

Well, I think most of the time, Chinese people will hold parties to celebrate birthdays or welcome friends from a far-away place. We also hold farewell and graduation parties. 呃,我想大部分时候,中国人会在庆祝生日或欢迎远道而来的朋友的时候举办聚会。我们也在告别或毕业的时候办聚会。

3. What do you wear to a party? 你穿什么参加聚会?  

Well, it depends. If it’s a formal party, I’ll wear dress. Otherwise, I’ll wear casual clothes.  这要看情况,如果是正式的聚会,我会穿套装。除此以外,我会穿休闲服。

4. How long will a party last?  一场聚会多长时间?

Generally speaking, a party will last for two or three hours, but sometimes, a party can last till the second morning.  一般而言,一场聚会持续两或三个小时,但有时候,一个聚会胡持续第二天早上。

5. What are the wedding ceremonies like in China now?  现在中国的结婚仪式怎么样?

Many wedding ceremonies in China are similar except the one sin the ethnic groups. The common procedure is like this: They newly wed couple usually has to tell the guests how they fell in love and got married. Afterwards, they will exchanges and gifts. Some funny games will be played in the ceremony to add a festive atmosphere for the wedding. Finally, all people will have a banquet in a hall. Most of the wedding in China follow the above procedure.   除了少数民族,多数中国的结婚仪式都大同小异。婚礼的一般程序是这样的:新婚夫妇通常要告诉客人他们是怎么相爱和步入婚姻殿堂的;然后,他们互换戒指和礼物;在仪式上还会进行一些有趣的游戏为婚礼增添喜庆气氛;最后,在礼堂里宴请所有来宾。中国大多数的结婚典礼都是按着以上步骤进行的。

6. What were wedding like in China 40 years ago?  40年前中国的结婚典礼什么样?

The wedding in China 40 years ago were quite different from the ones nowadays. The overall living standard was rather low at that time. Most newly wed couples couldn’t even afford buy necessary home electrical appliances. Guests came to their new apartment to celebrate and give the couple some gifts or money. There might be a simple ceremony and afterwards all the guests were invited to have dinner together. At night, some guests would play tricks on the bride and bridegroom, which has a Chinese custom.  40年前的中国婚礼和现在有很大的不同。总体上人民的生活水平在那个时候比较落后。多数新婚夫妇甚至买不起必要的家用电器。客人去他们的新房祝贺,并且给新婚夫妇一些礼物或份子钱。举行了一个简单的典礼后,所有的客人应邀一起吃午饭。按照中国习俗,在晚上,一些客人会闹洞房。

7. Do many Chinese have western customs in their weddings?  在他们的婚礼上有许多中国人有西方的习俗么?

There’re some Chinese wedding ceremonies displaying certain western customs. Many couples value some western customs and regard those as necessary for weddings. I have attended several Chinese weddings. The new couple swore their oath to be faithful and helpful to each other in their life and had a dancing party after the banquet. With western customs, their wedding seemed somewhat different.   有些中国的结婚典礼,会融入一些西方习俗。许多新人珍视西方的婚庆观念,并且认为有必要按西方的一些步骤举行婚礼。我曾经参加过几次这样的中国婚礼。新人宣誓在他们的一生中互相忠实,帮助对方。并且在晚宴结束后,举行舞会。融合了西方习俗,他们的婚礼略显不同。