第十课 购物/工作


  1. What do you usually buy when you go shopping?  你购物的时候通常买什么?

I often shop for daily necessities, such as toothbrushestoothpaste, cleansing cream, soap, shampoo, washing powder and so on. And since I like books, I sometimes go to bookstores to look for the recent bestsellers.  我经常买日用品,比如牙刷、牙膏、清洁膏、肥皂、洗发水以及洗衣粉等。自从我喜欢书籍开始,我有时会去书店寻找最新畅销的

  1. What is your first priority when you go shopping?  你购物的时候首要考虑的是什么?

When I shop for electronic appliances, I pay much attention to their quality because I don’t want to pay high prices for low-quality appliances. But when I shop for clothes, I think color is the most important thing. A color that matches the color of your skin will certainly brighten your face and make you look prettier.  当我买电器的时候,我很注重质量,因为我不想花很多的钱买质量差的电器。买衣服的时候,认为颜色是最重要的。一个和你的肤色相配的颜色肯定会使你的脸更明亮,让你看起来更漂亮。

3When do you usually go shopping?  你通常什么时候去购物?

Generally speaking, I usually go shopping during the weekend. As I have to hit the books from Monday to Friday for five days in a row, there is no way for me to go shopping during the weekdays. But it really depends. It depends on whether there is any special offer or end of the season sale or mid-season sale going on or not. So when it comes to the time when there is any discount in shopping malls, I will be shopping like a mall rat. 一般来说,我通常都在周末去购物。因为我从周一到周五整整五天都要读书,这就意味着我绝不会上课时间去购物的。但这也要看情况,通常取决于是否有特别的邀请或者季末、季中打折。所以当商场有任何折扣活动的时候,我就成了个购物狂了。

4Do you like going shopping?  你喜欢购物吗?

I am not a big fan of it. Actually, going shopping is the very last thing I don’t want to do. Moreover, I don’t have enough money to spend on those fashionable clothes.  噢,我并不是很喜欢。实际上,去购物是我最不想做的事了。此外,我也没有足够的钱花在那些时装上。

5Do men or women go shopping more?  谁更喜欢购物,女人还是男人?

Women are definitely the demographics who are more likely to go shopping. It is one of the fields where women have the advantage. They are always popping into big department stores, shopping malls, street stalls and boutiques to shop like a mall rat. Especially when it comes to end-season sales or final clearance, they will shop until they drop.But it would turn out to be totally different picture when it comes to men. Men like to stay at home or wait for their wives in the car when their wives are shopping. Even if it comes to the time when they shop, they usually go to the store and grab the thing they need and leave right away.  谈到这个问题,从统计数学来看,女人显然更喜欢逛街。这是女人专属的一个领域。她们总是像购物狂一样地出现在一些百货公司、购物商场、街头店和时尚小店里。尤其是到了季末折扣或者最后清仓的时候,她们一直采购到手都拿不下为止。但对于男人来说,就完全是另一种情形。当妻子在逛街的时候,男人通常都趋向于待在家里或者是在小车上等待妻子。即便是逛街,也通常都会走进商场买了他们需要的物品后就马上离开了。


Describe a job you’d like to do

You should say:

what job it would be

where you would like to work

what some conditions of the job would be

and explain why you think this job is perfect.


I always dream of being a sport reporter who can report related sports events. I put this job in the first place in my job list mainly for the following reasons. First and foremost, I don’t like the idea of being confined in the same place for years dealing with similar people and matters, which will drive me crazy. Being a reporter will provide me with various opportunities to go around the country, ever the world and meet different people at most exciting moments. Secondly, I, myself, fancy watching basketball game, car racing and figure skating. If I worked as a clerk in a company, I would not have so many chances to enjoy those fantastic events. Also, the working hours are not so strict for a sports reporter, and he can have more freedom to arrange his time instead of going to the same place at the same time every workday. It would be a fabulous experience if I could share my views on sport events with thousands of people.



1.Is it Ok for parents to choose jobs for their children?  父母为子女选择工作可以吗?

I’m not clear about the situation of hunting of jobs in other countries. I guess diplomas especially from elite universities have more say in seeking a job. 我不清楚在其他国家找工作的情况是怎样的。我想毕业文凭特别是名牌大学的会在找工作的过程中更有发言权。

2. Whose advice should the young people seek when they look for jobs?  年轻人在找工作时候应当征求谁的建议?

By referring to my own experience, besides teachers’ and parents’ advices, young people should consult their schoolmates of the same major who graduated of the same major who graduated and have been working for one or two years.   来提一下我个人的经验,除了教师和家长的建议,年轻人应当请教已经毕业工作一两年的本专业的同学。

3. How do people choose their jobs?  人们如何找工作?

Newspapers, magazines, TV and Internet have sections on job hunting, and people can also get information of job market.   报纸、杂志、电视还有互联网有找工作的版块,人们也可以在市场上获取信息。

4. What’s the difference between men and women when they choose jobs?  男人和女人选择工作有什么不同?

The difference between men and women in looking for jobs is not so clear as what it used to be. Most of jobs don’t require men only or women only. Female college graduates suffer discrimination from employers when applying for the jobs. There is an outdated and unscientific view held by some employers that females are more likely to be affected by marriage and family lives. 男性和女性在选择工作上的区别已经不像过去那么明显。大部分的工作不是只需要男性或女性。女大学毕业生在申请取得工作的时候遭到雇主的歧视。一些雇主持有一种过时的以及不科学的观点认为女性更有可能被婚姻及家庭生活所影响。

5. What’s the role of work in your life?  在你生活中工作的角色是什么?

Work enables me to perform my ability and fulfill my life, which connect the society and me. Besides, it’s the way of survival.  工作使我能够表现我的能力、满足我的生活,并且把我和社会联系在一起。此外,这里也是生存的一种方法。

6. Do you think that it is OK to change jobs frequently?  你认为频繁换工作可不可以?

No, I don’t like the idea at all. Probably some people regard changing jobs frequently as a modern living pattern, while I believe if one wants to accomplish something in life, persistence is an essential element.  不,我一定不认同这个观点。也许一些人认为频繁跳槽是一种现代生活方式,然而我相信如果一个人想要在一生完成一些事情,坚持是一个不可或缺的因素。

7.How will working hours change in the future? 未来工作时间会如何改变?

I guess it has something to do with the nature of difference jobs. For example, the appearance of freelance shows that work with fixed working hours---9 to 5—can be changed. 我想这与不同工作的性质有关。比如说,自由职业者的出现证明固定的工作时间----9点到5点---可以改变。

8. What’s the difference between employers and employees?  雇主和员工有什么不同?

It’s clear that employers pay employers for the work they have done, and the latter should follow the directions of employers at work.  很明显雇主依据员工完成工作来支付工资,而后者应当在工作中遵循雇主的指示。

9. What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a boss?  作为一个老板有什么优势和劣势?

Being a boss means you have more convenience in attracting labor and money to fulfill your ambition. You can great benefits from your career. On the hand, you have to shoulder great responsibilities, which means you will lose more than others if your career fails. 成为一个老板意味着你可以更方便地吸引劳工以及有钱来满足你的追求的目标。你可以从你的职业中获得巨大的利益。另一方面,你必须要担负很大的责任,也就是说如果你的事业失败你会比其他人损失更多。

How do you deal with the relationship between the boss and employees?   你是如何应对老板和雇员之间的关系的?

I figure cooperation is the major relationship between the boss and employees. As an employee, I respect the boss’s requests; yet I will not blindly obey all his or her orders. If there is a conflict, I will politely talk about it with the boss to find a better solution. 我认为合作是老板与雇员之间主要的关系。作为一个雇员,我尊重老板的要求;然而我不会盲目地服从他所有的命令。如果有矛盾,我会委婉地与老板讨论以找到好的解决办法。

11. How will the relationship change in the future?  未来这种关系会如何变化?  

Freelancers are bosses and employees themselves, whose appearance is a great step from the traditional employment relationship. 自由职业者是自己当老板和员工的人,他们的出现是区别于传统雇佣关系的极大进步。

12. How would you improve the relationship if you had the opportunity to be a boss?  如果你有机会成为老板你会如何改善这种关系?

I would help my employees when they were in trouble. If I could see that they were not happy, I would talk to them. 我会在员工遇到麻烦的时候帮助他们。如果我看到他们不开心的话,我会跟他们聊聊。