16.In arithmetic the rules of addition are basic, and all the other rules are built on this __________.
  A. basis  B. bases  C. base  D. basises

  17.Then the speaker __________ the various factors leading to the present economic crisis.
  A. went for   B. went after  C. went into   D. went on

  18.Cake __________ of flour, sugar, egg and some other ingredients.
  A. contained   B. consists   C. includes   D. composed

  19.Mr. Tyler asked his son to pay more __________ to his study.
  A. notice   B. attraction
  C. concern   D. attention

  20.He is __________ of an actor.
  A. anybody   B. anything   C. somebody D. something

  21.I remember __________ to help us if we ever got into trouble.
  A. once offering B. him once offering C. to offer him   D. something

  22.Shall I turn on the television? - No, I''d rather not __________ television tonight.
  A. have watched B. to watch   C. watch   D. for watching

  23.When I was younger I __________ long distance, but now I''m out of practice.
  A. was used to walk     B. got used to walk
  C. was used to walking   D. used to walking

  24.It is the Party __________ has been leading us from victory to victory.
  A. since   B. which   C. who   D. that

  __________ sets man apart from the rest of the animal kingdom is his ability to speak.
  A. Which B. Whom C. Who   D. What

  25.Poverty depresses most people, __________ my father it was otherwise.
  A. in case B. in case of  C. in the case of
  D. in any case

  26.he weather __________ us from climbing the mountain.

A. discharged  B. disguised   C. disturbed D. discouraged

  27.The teacher said that the classroom was empty __________ a few chairs.
  A. but for   B. except for  C. apart from D. besides

  28.This is the hotel __________ I like to stay.
  A. in which   B. at which   C. to which D. at that

  29.The child took a spoonful and tasted it carefully __________ it was hot.
  A. in case   B. provided   C. if   D. unless

  30.__________ impossible to make a living in real estate, Nancy added insurance as a side line.
  A. It''s being   B. Its being   C. It is  D. It being

  31.She __________ in wearing that old - fashioned hat.
  A. insists   B. persists   C. assists   D. consists

  32.The __________ horse ran away from the fire.
  A. having frightened B. frightening C. frightened  D. frighten

  33.Dr. Bruce will first give you a summary of the situation and then discuss it __________.
  A. at interval  B. at random  C. at issue   D. at length

  34.The secret agent kept looking back because he was afraid of __________.
  A. followed     B. being followed
  C. having followed     D. having been followed

  35.The mother flatly rejected my suggestion that she __________ her daughter the next week.
  A. meet  B. would meet C. met   D. had met

  36.Something is wrong with your truck. You''d better have it __________.
  A. repairing   B. repair   C. repaired   D. to be repaired

  37.The storm delayed __________ Yokohama Harbor.
  A. the ship to leave     B. the ship''s leaving
  C. the leaving ship     D. to leave the ship

  38.Evidence came up __________ specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as six months old.
  A. what  B. which   C. that  D. /

  39.__________ is often the case, workers have over fulfilled their work program.
  A. Which   B. It   C. That   D. As

  40.Let''s have a look at what we''ve got here, __________?
  A. will you   B. shall we   C. don''t we D. will we

  41.__________ he come tomorrow, I should give him the dictionary he needs.
  A. Had   B. Should   C. Were   D. Would

  42.The French pianist who had been praised very highly __________ to be a great disappointment.
  A. turned off   B. turned up   C. turned out D. turned down

  43.With increased taxation and rising prices, I am going to have to __________ on quite a lot of things - clothes, records and so on.
  A. cut off   B. cut in   C. cut out   D. cut down

  44.The boy would do everything but __________ his fault.
  A. to admit   B. admitting   C. admit   D. would admit

  45.The employee was told to finish the job _____ what happened.
  A in spite of B regardless of C ahead of D for the sake of


16、 A 本句的意思是:在算数中加法法则是基础,其他所有法则都是以它为基础的。此处要测试base 与basis的区别。base 作为名词,有底、基部;基础、基料;基地、总部等意思,basis 是基础、根据;准则的意思。二者的区别在于base用于表示具体的东西,如:revolutionary base, industrial base。而basis 主要用于抽象的概念。加法法则是其他法则的基础,是一种抽象基础,因此此题选A

  17、C 本题目的是测试go与不同介词搭配的词组的意思。 go for的意思是去找, 努力获取;go after的意思是追逐, 追求;go into的意思是进入;探究go on的意思是继续,本句的意思应该是:然后,那个演讲者探究了导致当前经济危机的各种因素。因此只有C符合题意

  18、B 本句的意思应该是:蛋糕是由面粉、白糖、鸡蛋和其他配料做成的,给出的四个答案中A. contain意思是包含 ;B. consist意思是组成,构成,与of搭配,表示一个事物由几个部分组成,它的主语应该是事物的整体,宾语为部分,例如:The team consists of four Europeans and two Americans.;C. include意思是包括、包含,及物动词;D. compose是组成的意思,相当于make up,它的主浯为部分,宾语为整体,它常用过去分词作表语,跟of引起的短语,例如:Men and women evenly composed the committee.也可以说:The committee was evenly composed of men and women。因此只能选B

 19、D 本题测试的是词组的固定搭配,pay attention to 是固定搭配,意思是把注意力集中于……,专心于…… ,本句的意思是:泰勒先生让他的儿子更加专心于学习。其他词都没有这样的搭配

  20、D 本题考察的是something of a sth 的用法,意思是:达到某种程度。本句的意思是:他已经达到一个演员的程度了。或者说他已经可以成为一个演员了。

  21、B 本题是考察remember sb doing sth的用法 ,意思是指记得某人曾经做过某事, offer to do 是主动提出做某事,once 在这里是曾经的意思。只有B答案符合,选B

  22、C 本题测试的是would rather do 句型,意思是宁愿做……。它的否定形式是would rather not do ,因此这里只能选watch 的原形,本句的意思是:--我能开电视吗?--不要了,我宁愿今晚看电视。,因此选C

  23、C 本题测试的是be\get used to doing sth.与 used to do sth.的区别,前者意思是习惯于做某事,后者意思是曾经(经常)做某事。本句的意思是:我年轻的时候,习惯于远足,现在已经荒疏了。应该选C

  24、D 本题测试的是强调句型It is (was)…that\who…当强调的是人的时候用who ,其他都用that,本句的意思是:正是中国共产党领导我们获得了一个又一个的胜利。强调的是the Party中国共产党,所以应该选D. that

  25、D 本题测试的是case 的相关词组的意思。in case 是假如;免得的意思,后面的句子应该用虚拟语气;in case of 的意思是假如,万一…;in the case of 的意思是至于,就…来说;in any case是无论如何,总之。本句的意思应该是:贫困使多数人消沉,而对于我父亲而言,并非如此。,只有D符合

  26、D 本题是考察词义。答案中discharge作为及物动词时的意思是卸下, 放出;disguise的意思是假装, 伪装, 掩饰;disturb的意思是弄乱, 打乱, 打扰, 扰乱;discourage的意思是使气馁,阻碍,其中能与from 搭配、意思又符合的只有discourage,构成discourage sb from doing sth,意思是劝阻某人做某事\阻止某人做某事。本句的意思是:天气状况使我们不能去爬山。

  27、B\C 本句的意思是老师说教师除了几把椅子外什么都没有。这里考察的是答案中的词组的意思。A. but for的意思是要不是,是连词;B. except for 的意思是除……以外,是副词,可用于非同类事物进行比较,例如,The street is empty except for several cars.;C. apart from意思是远离,除……以外,具有多重意义:既可表示besides,也可以表示exept或exept for,还可以表示without的意思;D. besides的意思是除……以外,还有……,介词,指在整体中加入一部分,表示递加的概念,含义是肯定的。就此分析B或C均可,只是B用法更习惯一些。

  28、A 本题测试的是定语从句。本句的意思是:这就是我很爱住的那家旅馆。 stay是不及物动词,在旅馆里住应该用in,所以定语从句的引导词应该用in which,因此选A

  29、A 本句的意思是:那个孩子取了一勺,小心地品尝,以防万一很烫。答案中provided的意思是倘若;if的意思是如果;unless的意思是如果不,除非 ,例如,I will come on time unless it rains. in case的意思是(以防)万一,后接一般现在时、一般过去时或 should。只有它符合题目要表达的意思,因此选A

  30、D 本题考察的是独立主格结构。独立主格结构是一个独立主格的名词或代词(作为逻辑主格),加上一个分词、形容词、副词、不定式、介词短语。其作用相当于状语,多用来表示行为、方式或伴随的情况,有时也用来表示时间和条件。其逻辑主语往往与主句的主语不同。以下是几种基本结构:1.名词(或代词)+现在分词(或过去分词)。如:1)The moon appearing,they decided to go on with theirjouney. 2.名词(或代词)+形容词。如:3)The weather(being)hot,we all went swimming.3.名词(或代词)+不定式。如:4)Some of the money to be paid by the thief, the policewent.4.名词(或代词)+介词短语。如:5)He climbed in,sword in hand.5.名词(或代词)+副词。如:6)The meeting(being)over, we left the room.在答案中符合要求的只有D。意思是:很难依靠房产生活,因此南希又投保险作为副业

  31、B 本题考察的是词义与介词搭配。insist与on是固定搭配,insist on 是坚持要求,坚决认为的意思。能与in搭配的动词只有persist和consist,但构成词组后,前者是坚持的意思,后者意思是存在于,本句的意思应该是:她坚持戴那顶过时的帽子。,因此,应该选B

  32、C 本题是对动词frighten的各种变化形式的考察。本句的意思是:受惊的马逃离了火场。 frighten是及物动词,它的现在分词和过去分词均可以修饰名次,但意义不同:frightening是令人恐惧的的意思;frightened的意思是受惊吓的。还有很多及物动词的分词形式都有类似的情况,例如,surprising是令人惊讶的,surprised是感到惊讶的。这里显然应该选C

  33、D 本题是对词组意思的考察。A. at interval并不是正确的词组,有at intervals不时的意思;B. at random是随机地意思;C. at issue的意思是在争论中,不合;D. at length是最后、详细地的意思。本句的意思应该是:布鲁斯医生会先告诉你大概的情况,然后再详细地讨论。只有D符合。

  34、B 本句的意思是:那名密探不停地向后张望,因为他害怕被跟踪。在介词之后应该接名词、代词或动名词,而且意思上看应该用被动语态。being followed 意思是被跟踪;having been followed的意思是已经被跟踪了,根据题目应该选B

  35、A 在英语中的表示命令、要求、建议等的词,往往要用虚拟语气,例如:require/requirement ,advise/advice,sugest/suggestion等等。虚拟语气结构是should+动词原形,should可省略。本句的意思是那位妈妈毅然拒绝了我对她的建议--她下周去看望她女儿。。

  36、C 本题测试的是have sth done:使某物被……。本句的意思是:你的卡车有毛病了,你最好修理一下它。,因此选C

  37、B 本题测试的是动名词作宾语。本句的意思是:暴风雨耽搁了船只离开横滨港。,符合动名词作宾语的结构的只有B

  38、C 本题测试的是同位语从句,它的引导词是that 。specific speech sounds are recognized by babies as young as six months old实际上是evidence的同位语,为了使句子看起来和谐才被放到了句末。经常会涉及到同位语的名词还有:fact\ thought \idea\belief 等。 本句的意思是:有这样的证据提出:六个月大的婴儿就能识别语音了。

  39、D 本题测试的是as单独引导定语从句的用法。这时,先行词可以是一个词,也可以是一个句子或短语,例如,She is late, as is often the case.她迟到了,这是经常的事;To shut your eyes to facts, as many of you do, is foolish.对事实视而不见--你们好多人都是如此的愚蠢。对于本句而言,现行词是句子workers have over fulfilled their work program.。本句的意思是:通常的情况是,工人们超额完成了工作计划。

  40、 B 对于普通的祈使句,例如:Come here please. 是对别人,或者确切地说是对对方的要求,也就是请(你)来这里一下!所以,反意疑问句用 will you ? 在这个题中:Let us do sth.意为(请你)让我们做某事,所以是请对方允许自己做某事;Let''s do sth是用来提建议,意为让我们做某事去吧,所有人,包括建议人在内。所以应该用shall we?

  41、D 本题测试的是虚拟语气用法。句义是:要是他明天来,我就给他他所需要的辞典。可以看出,条件状语中的陈述与将来事实相反,应该用助动词should\were to\could,并且可以将它们至于句首,省掉条件状语引导词if。因此此处选Should

  42、C 本题测试的是turn相关的几个词组的意义辨析。turn off:关掉;turn up:找到、出现、调高;turn out生产、结果、证明是;turn down:关小,调低。本句的意思是:之前被高度评价的法国钢琴家结果很让人失望。很显然,应该选turn out

  43、D 本题测试的是cut相关的几个词组的意义辨析。cut off :切断、删去、停止;cut in:插嘴、打断、(汽车)抢道;cut out:删剪掉;cut down(+on ):减少(在某方面上)。本句的意思是:随着税收提高和物价上涨,我将不得不在许多方面--衣服、唱片等方面,减少开支。

  44、C 本题测试的do sth but do的用法,但是这里应该注意的是前一个do是实义动词,意思是做,后一个do是泛指所有实义动词。因此选C。但是,还有一种用法是do sth but to do,这里前一个do是指实义do 之外的所有其他实义动词,而后一个do也是泛指所有实义动词。

  45、A 本题考察的是语段间连接词的意思。答案中:in spite of (=not being prevented by),表示转折关系,是不管,例如,We kept on in spite of every difficulty. 尽管有种种困难,我们仍坚持下去;regardless of(=paying no attention to)是不顾,不理会的意思,往往带有贬义色彩。例如,Regardless of our feelings ,he just continued talking.他不顾我们的感情,还说个不停;ahead of 的意思是在……之前;for the sake of 是因为……的缘故。本句的意思是:那个员工被要求不管发生什么,都要完成工作。备注:A和B意思即其相近,有时可以互换使用。