Vocabulary (10%)

Section A

Directions: In this section all the statements are incomplete, beneath each of which are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase that can best complete the statement and mark the letter of your choice on the ANSWER SHEET.

31. A number of black youths have complained of being________ by the police.

A. harassed B. distracted C. sentenced D. released "

32. He rapidly became________ with his own power in the team.

A. irrigated B. irradiated C. inoculated D. intoxicated

33. Throughout his political career he has always been in the ________ .

A. twilight B. spotlight C. streetlight D. torchlight

34. We ________ that diet is related to most types of cancer but we don't have definite proof.

A. suspend B. supervene C. supervise D. suspect

35. A patient who is dying of incurable cancer of the throat is in terrible pain, which can no longer be satisfactorily ________ .

A. alleviated B. abolished C. demolished D. diminished

36. The television station is supported by ________ from foundations and other sources.

A. donations B. pensions C. advertisements D. accounts

37. More legislation is needed to protect the ________ properly fights of the patent.

A. integrative B. intellectual C. intelligent D. intelligible

38. Officials are supposed to ________ themselves to the welfare and health of the general public.

A. adapt B. confine C. commit D. assess

39. You should stop ________ your condition and do something about it. .

A. drawing on B. touching on C. leaning on D. dwelling on

40. The author of the book has shown his remarkably keen ________ into human nature.

A. perspective B. dimension C. insight D. reflection

Section B

Directions: In this section each of the following statements has a word or phrase underlined, beneath which are four words or phrases marked A, B, C and D. Choose the word or phrase which can best keep the meaning of the original sentence if it is substituted for the underlined part. Then mark the letter of your choice on the ANSWER SHEET.

41. The chemical was found to be detrimental to human health.

A. toxic B. immune C. sensitive D. allergic

42. It will be a devastating blow for the patient, if the clinic closes.

A. permanent B. desperate C. destructive D. sudden

43. He kept telling us about his operation in the most graphic detail.

A. verifiable B. explicit C. precise D. ambiguous

44. The difficult case tested the ingenuity of even the most skillful physician.

A. credibility B. commitment    C; honesty D. talent

45. He left immediately on the pretext that hah ad to catch a train.

A. claim B. clue C. excuse D. circumstance

46. The nurse was filled with remorse for not believing her.

A. anguish B. regret C. apology D. grief

47. The doctor tried to find a tactful way of telling her the truth.

A. delicate B. communicative C. skillful D. considerate

48. Whether a person likes a routine office job or not depends largely on temperament.

A. disposition B. qualification C. temptation D. endorsement

49. The doctor ruled out Friday's surgery for the patient's unexpected complications.

A. confirmed B. facilitated C. postponed D. cancelled

50. It is not easy to remain tranquil when events suddenly change your life.

A. cautious B. motionless C. calm D. alert


31. A  本句大意:一些黑人青年投诉说受到了警察骚扰。选项A. 骚扰;B. 分散注意力;C. 判刑;D. 释放。选项A符合原句意思,是正确答案。

32. D  本句大意:他迅速沉湎于他的权力。选项A. irrigated灌溉;B. irradiated照射;C. inoculated接种过疫苗的;D. intoxicated沉湎。选项D符合原句意思,是正确答案。

33. B  本句大意:在他的整个政治生涯中,他一直是中心人物(处于聚光灯下)。选项A. twilight暮色;B. spotligllt聚光灯:C. streetlight街灯;D. torchlight于电灯光。选项B符合原句意思,是正确答案。

34. D  句大意:我们怀疑饮食与大多数癌症有关,但是我们还没有取得确凿证据。  选项Asuspend延缓;B. supervene接着发生;C. supervise指导;D. suspect怀疑。选项D 符合原句意思,是正确答案。

35. A  本句大意:一位癌症末期患者处于极度痛之中,没其他办法能减轻其痛。选项A. alleviated减轻的(痛苦等)B. abolished消的;C. demolished破坏的:D. diminished 变小的。选项A符合原句意思,是正确答案。

36. A  原句大意:电视台得到的资助来源于基金会和其他来源的捐赠。选项A. donations 捐赠;B. pensions养老金;C. advertisements广告;D. accounts帐户。选项A符合原句意思,是正确答案。

37. B  原句大意:保护知识产权需要更多法律支持。选项A. integrative综合的;B. intellectual知识的;C. intelligent智力的:D. intelligible可理解的。选项B符合原句意思,是正确答案。

38. C  原句大意:官员应当致力于公众福利与健康。选项A. adapt使适应;B. confine 限制;C. commit使负责:D. assess评估。选项C符合原句意思,是正确答案。

39. D  原句大意:你不应当继续琢磨自己的状况,而是要行动起来改变自己的状况。选项A drawing on利用;  B. touching of轻描淡写;C. leaning on依靠;D. dwelling on细想。选项D符合原句意思,是正确答案。

40. C  原句大意:书作者展示了他关于人性的独到敏锐见解。选项A. perspective观点;B. dimension尺度;C. insight(into)洞察力:D. reflection反省。选项C符合原句意思,是正确答案。

41. A  该化学物质被发现对人体害。detrimental意为有害的选项A. toxic 有毒的;D. immune免疫的;C. sensitive敏感的;D. allergic过敏的。选项A符合原句意思,是正确答案。

42. C  原句大意:如果诊所关闭,对患者将是灾难性打击。devastating意为破坏性的。选项A. permanent永久的;B. desperate绝望的;C. destructive破坏性的:D. sudden突然的。选项C符合原句意思,是正确答案。

43. B  原句大意:他总是给我们绘声绘色地讲述他的手术。graphic意为图解的,表述清楚的。选项A. verifiable能证实的:B. explicit清楚的;C. precise精确的;D. ambiguous 含糊的。选项B符合原句意思,是正确答案。

44. D  原句大意:疑难病例检验了即使是技术最精湛的医生的才能。ingenuity意为聪明才智。选项A. credibility可信度;  B. commitment负责;C. honesty诚实度:D. talent 天才。选项D符合原句意思,是正确答案。

45. C  原句大意:他借口要赶火车马上离开了。pretext意为借口,是“excuse”。的同义词。选项A. claim声称;B. clue线索;C. excuse借口;D. circumstance情况。选项C 符合原句意思,是正确答案。

46. B  原句大意:护士因为没有相信她感到很懊悔。remorse意为:懊悔。选项A. anguish 痛苦;Bregret后悔;C. apology抱歉;D. grief伤心。选项B符合原句意思,是正确答案。

47. D  原句大意:医生设法想找到一个恰当的方式来告诉她实情。tactful意为。机智的、得体的。选项A. delicate憔悴的;B. communicative交流的;C. skillful熟练的;D. considerate 考虑周的。选项D符合原句意思,是正确答案。

48. A  原句大意:一个人是否喜欢日常办公室工作一般由他的性情所决定。temperament 意为性情。选项A. disposition性情,脾气;B. qualification资格;C. temptation诱惑;D. endorsement签字背书。选项A符合原句意思,是正确答案。

49. D  原句大意:由于患者突发并发症,医生取消了星期五的手术。选项A. confirmed 确认;B. facilitated促进:C. postponed推迟;D. cancelled取消。ruled out取消的意思。选项D符合原句意思,是正确答案。

50. C  原句大意:突发事件突然改变了你的生活时,要保持镇静很难。选项A. cautious 谨慎的;B. motionless一动不动的;C. calm镇静的;D. alert警惕的。tranquil安静的意思。选项C符合原句意思,是正确答案。