1.      便宜

Its cheap and economical. It can help me save a lot of money to buy books or to travel with my friend Jane. Specifically, it only costs______Yuan to_________. However, if I want to________, it will cost me at least_____Yuan. I hate squandering, so I think it is awesome.


It is convenient and I would be able to save tons of time. Specifically, it takes me only_____minutes to_______. However, if Id like to______, I will spend at least_____hours. I think spending the time saved on reading books on history or chemistry/doing exercises is considered to be the better way for me to relax/learn more knowledge.


I can make more friends in different background/from different cities/countries such as Japan, Canada and America/with the same interest. We could have pleasant conversation not only about the academic information such as history, biology and economics, but also about the international events. And I can also learn some useful interpersonal skills or personality such as honesty and persistence


The amazing part is its picturesque view and enjoyable surroundings. Having a walk beside the lake and rockery, I can smell the fragrance of grass and the flowers and hear the cries of the birds and feel the bracing breeze on my face.


I can totally relax in such a......environment. Im fascinated to the harmonious atmosphere which could make me refreshed and energetic. I can release my emotion, pressure and uneasiness through it, and have a temporary escape from the academic workload such as assignment and examination.


Its good for my health. I can improve my speed, strength and flexibility. And I can also effectively lose weight and keep in good shape. Before……I often got sick, depression and hot temper, but now, everything is getting much better.


I can have an easier access to a huge amount of knowledge and information ranging from history to biology. For instance, itll be easy for me to polish my speaking and listening skills if ……/in such a……environment/ by……. This can render me a good opportunity to practice my English, and eventually put me in a favorable position in the upcoming competition.


(Compared to others)I can abroad my horizon during the whole process. For instance, if……I can have a better understanding of the meaning of life/career/education..and the importance of dream and future. So, I will pay more attention to my family/friends/work/academic performance and also make great contribution to our society in the future.


According to the New York Times in 2008, the people who________are more likely to achieve success/lead a happy campus life/have a wonderful family in their later time. I certainly wanna be a ____ person/I think .is a kind of , so Id like to ______.



It is because of the peer pressure. You know, everyone in my class chooses to ______. I dont wanna be isolated from them. Therefore I choose to do the same thing and involve with them.


During the process of communication/discussion about……, and I can learn some useful interpersonal skills or personality such as honesty and persistence from others. This can help me cooperate with others more effectively, and offer me more opportunities to make new acquaintance. With more partners, I am more likely to succeed in the future


It is more eco-friendly, coz itll create little harmful carbon dioxide to the air. With the help of this, we can better protect our planet and prevent our environment from pollution such as global warming, acid rain and ozone layer. No one can deny that it is significant nowadays when were facing ecological crisis.


It can definitely help me improve the understanding of the culture, custom, history and many interesting stuff about a different country/city. The deeper insight into culture can not only broaden my horizon but also help me comprehend the living style and thinking mode of the local people.


More importantly, I can go home more frequently and visit my parents and grandparents. My mom will prepare me the food I like the most; my father will talk to me and help me figure out a way to solve the problem I encounter at school. My feeling can be best described by an old saying, East, West, home is the best


It will contribute to the increase of employment rate. I mean, it can provide the local people with a large amount of jobs. As a result, it would in turn bring benefits to the social stability and economic development.


The most important point is that its much safer. If I……The possibility of being stole or robbed is relatively small. With a safe environment, I can better concentrate on my study without worrying about possible jeopardy.


It can help me protect my privacy. Coz being attended sometimes makes me feel uncomfortable. I dont like others to know what books I am reading or what songs I am listening. Sometimes I just need some private time and deal with my personal stuff like calling my friends and writing the letter to my mom


It is embarrassing to say that some people have terrible manners. For example, someone in my class always spits and litters in public, which make me feel really awful. You know, Im pissed off by those behaviors and can not stand them at all. So I have no choice but to_____.

19. 便于携带

It is not heavy and big like the others; its portable so I can take it anywhere. For instance, I can……on the bus, in the library or in the dining hall. You see, the convenience is undeniable.


I can have some tasty food. It serves the amazing dumpling of all kinds of flavors, pork flavor, chicken flavor and so on. One thing I like the most is the caraway there, it really help enrich the taste of dumplings. Anyway, it never fails to make my mouth water.


The humorous style could also develop my sense of humor. This will make others more willing to listen to my stories and bring fun to my life and the lives of others. Consequently, it can improve my interpersonal skills and make me more popular.



There are a great many beautiful and delicate pictures to illustrate the words and make it more understandable. With those wonderful pictures, learning can be real fun and easy!


Youve got to have faith and courage; the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. In this rapid developing society, if were easily freaked out by various challenges, then theres no way we can succeed.


The scene is extremely funny and makes me laugh. Laugh can definitely drive away my lassitude and helps me relax and relieve the pressure from work and study. Whats more? It even puts me in a better mood and wards off the depression and pessimism.


Since he is the role model for us, he needs to speak and behave appropriately, in order to set a good example for us. No one can deny that a good example can exert an profound influence on the people.


He is a man of his word and he never breaks his promise. I remember once I asked him to pick up my cousin when I couldnt come back. He did so even though he had caught a bad cold. I said thanks and sorry but he said its ok because he promised me. It is the characteristic of keeping faith enabled him to win my complete trust.


He is very obliging. Whenever you are in trouble, he is always the first one who comes up and gives you the shirt off his back. Once my computer was attacked by Trojan horse, it is him who spent four hours to help me get rid of it.


He should be expressive to convey his ideas effectively and efficiently. He is supposed to speak loud and clear and be able to put difficult things in a way that is easy to understand. Only in this way can we fully comprehend his idea and better do our own job.


He is considerate and shows much care and concern about others. He is always trying to look at things from your angle and not to hurt you or upset you. For example, knowing that I am taking a nap or reading books, he would turn down the volume of the CD player.



He should tolerate relatively small mistakes committed by others. Making mistakes is somehow inevitable, as long as its unintentional, he is supposed to forgive it. The tolerance will breed gratitude from others.





  时间: 40秒至45

  TIPS注意逻辑组织:OGP216:开始可以表明说话者的观点 agree or disagree,然后陈述理由。回答尽可能完整。




1“The school has implemented a new policy that……due to……And the man/woman holds a positive/negative view towards the announcement.
The first reason s/he gives is that……And the second one is based on the fact that……"
  2、From the reading material,we know that (the college)
is going to……
  Obviously,the man/woman in the conversation thinks that this is a great/bad idea,due to the following reasons.。

One reason is that…… Another is……
  (万一有时间)So that‘s all the reasons s/he has to form that opinion. (尽量记,听为主)

  3、The man/woman’s opinion about STH is that……
  (选择方案型:听选择的原因。1.Firstly,the man/woman states that…….2.And then he/she states that……。

  (提出建议型:听建议的利弊。1.Firstly,the man/woman talks about the positive aspect of this issue. He/she states that…….2.On the other hand,the man/man also talks about the negative aspect of this question. He/she points out that……。)


  (1)In the readingmaterial,
  (2)There is a/anannouncement/message/notice/proposal about ****(填入记下的关键词)
  (3)The university/college is going to****(稍稍展开下)
  (4)In the listeningmaterial,two students discussabout the***(填入关键词)
  (1)The man/woman is against/supporting the***
  (2)He or she feels unhappy/less satisfied about***
  (3)He or She thinks the*** is unfair/inconvenient/unaffordable for the following reasons:
  (4)The man/woman’s opinion about STH is that……。
  (1)First,he thinks/says**** ; Also,he points out that****
  (2)Firstly,the man/woman states that……。; And then he/she states that……。
  Firstly,the man/woman talks about the positive aspect of this issue. He/she states that…….On the other hand,the man/man also talks about the negative aspect of this question. He/she points out that……。

  Bus Service Elimination Planned
  Important Points(字数102)
  The university plans to eliminate the bus service because it is too expensive to run and too few students use it. (一句话概括阅读材料的内容)The man disagrees with the university plan. (谈话人态度)He believes the reason few students take the bus is that the route goes to neighborhoods where students do not live. If the routes were changed,many more students would ride the bus. (两句话讲谈话人的第一个观点:校车路线。注意改路线的建议是采用虚拟语气来表述的)The man disagrees with the way the university plans to use the money it saves on the bus service. Building more parking lots on campus will encourage more students to drive on campus. This would increase noise and traffic on campus.(谈话人第二个观点:增加停车场。首先讲谈话人观点:disagree with the way…然后将后果1à后果2) 
  The man in the scene said he wanted to keep the bus service for the better being of students on campus,because there is some students who can not afford the car,therefore they use the free bus service even though it isn’t that much. The problem with bus service right now is going through wrong neighbour where it is too expensive for students to live,so what they should do is just change the course of bus. And that will take of the problem. Also,they should encourage more students to use the bus service instead of discourage them. Or ()if they us the money that they use for bus service to increase the space of the parking lot for the students,which will add to the noise of the campus and will be more congested for all the people who already parking over there.

  自我测评标准:Self-Assessment Checklist:
  1. I noted the main points of the reading passage.
  2. I noted the main points of the listening passage.
  3. I read the question carefully.
  4. I used careful planning to outline my response.
  5. I began with an overall topic statement.
  6. I used strong supporting ideas.
  7. I used transitions to connect the supporting ideas.


  时间: (没有写,但是估计也是4045s)
  内容:与阅读相关联, (扩展事例,举反例或运用阅读概念)

  reading passage:主要记下抽象的词,和具体的定义;原理,和具体原理的内容等。带着一个概念是什么,现象是什么的问题用35秒看完短文,然后用10S的时间,用2句话总结出短文所介绍的概念或现象(尽量用短文中的词汇)
  listening passage:听段子的时候,带着老师用什么例子来进行说明这个问题去听。要听结构(1+2),还要听例子中涉及到的3个基本要素(实验对象,实验过程,实验结果)。其中,实验过程要详细。注意这些和抽象的定义和原理的挂钩。听力材料的前两句话,老师会给出所听内容的概括性介绍。再结合阅读给出的概念。再听举例说明。其方法通常是举出扩展事例,举反例或是短文中概念的实际应用。


  1. TOPIC SENTENCE:The professor talks about the theory that……。
  SUPPORTING DETAILS:He/she gives one/two examples to illustrate/explain such a point.(接下来陈述
  The reading passage:definition
  Listening passage:examples,study,research
  The reading passagegives the definition of……(关键的抽象词)。XXX is……(定义的内容)
  In the listening passage,the professor goes on to demonstrate it by introducing some researches / examples.
  This first is……(最后一句注意挂钩)
  The second is……(同样挂钩)
  The reading passage:the phenomenon / the problem/the process /somefunctions/some features
  Listening passage:research,analysis.。.
  the reading passage describes the phenomenon / the problem/the process /somefunctions/some
  features(关键的抽象词)。XXX is……(定义的内容)
  In the listening passage,the professor goes on to demonstrates it by introducing some researches
  This first is……(最后一句注意挂钩)
  The second is……(同样挂钩)

  The reading passage:a conception held by/the principle/ theapplication/the cause/the effect
  Listening passage:specific aspects
  The reading passage introduces a conception held by/the principle/ theapplication/the cause/the
  In the listeningpassage argues/indicates several specific aspects of
  The first*** is
  The second *** is
  The reading passage:***
  Listening passage:examples,study,research
  The reading passage introduces the definition/ phenomenon/ problem/ process /some
  functions/some features/ principle/ application/ cause/ effect of……(关键的抽象词)。XXX is……(定义的
  In the listening passage,the professor continues to demonstrate it by providing some
  This first is……(最后一句注意挂钩)
  The second is……(同样挂钩)
  From the reading material,we know that…(关键术语,定义)
  To demonstrate it,the speaker provides two examples/reasons/researches. One example is that……
  Another example is that……。.So the suggestion is that……



“In the lecture,the professor mainly talked about the theory that 。.. 。To reinforce the theory,the
  professor gave two reasons in his speech. The first one is that …。The other one is that …。
that’s the two reasons the speaker presented to explain his idea.(The conclusion is optional)”

The Dead Sea
  In this set of materials,the reading part describes the abody of water,
and listening part provides
additional information about the body of water.
The reading part describes the body of water named the Dead Sea. This body of water is said to be
“dead” because its high salt level prevents life in it. It‘s so salty for the reason that it’s landlocked with
  no outlet,
and it‘s in an area with a high temperaturem this causes rapid evaporation.
The listening part makes an additional point about the Dead Sea. The new point says that the Dead
  Sea isn’t actually a sea. A sea is a body of water that‘s part of the ocean or opens into the ocean,

  while a lake is a body that;s entirely enclosed. The Dead Sea has no outlet and is therefore a lake.

  Self-Assessment Checklist:
1. I noted the main points of the reading passage.
2. I noted the main points of the listening passage.
3. I read the question carefully.
4. I used careful planning to outline my response.
5. I began with an overall topic statement.
6. I used strong supporting ideas.
  7. I used transitions to connect the supporting ideas.

  准备时间: 20s
  答题时间: 60s

  Solutions针对Problem不同层面提出,注意提炼中心句。关切性的话可以略去。答题时在复述问题和解决方法后,一定要给出自己的建议,想不出来就选择一个S提出的方案或把S提出的各种办法按照轻重缓急排序,形式上不可缺少!一定要说“the man/woman offers her/him TWO(or THREE) solutions.”This is to ensure that you get all the solutions even if you can’t finish you answer in time,so the examiner will still give you a good score.
  4、时间分配:The OPTIMAL time allotment is:10 seconds for the problem,17 seconds for each solution,and 10 seconds for your choice and why,and about 6 seconds pausing throughout your answer.
  5、问题不用听!每次都一样!省下10-15秒整理笔记。问题:“briefly describe the problem that was discussed in the conversation and to state which of the two solutions you prefer,and finally to explain why you prefer that solution”。


  1、In the conversation,the man/women has a problem with his/herschedue/report/essay /study(听得时候判断到底是哪方面的问题)
  He or she couldn’t get/check out/afford ***(问题具体化)
  He/she needs to***
  The woman/man/professor/officer gives him/her twosolutions/options
  (基本上是2个solution)The firstsolution/option is(概括,不用具体化)
  Another suggestion the professor/woman gives is(概括,不用具体化)
  And I think the second choice is preferable for the following reasons:
  (自己的建议)First,the woman may confront the same problem in the future,itis better for her to handle it now and gain some helpful experiencesAlso,I have once faced thesame situation as the woman does,and I***
  2、(1)The man/woman has a problem/situation,which is that….+but/however(如果有冲突的话)
  (2) The man/ woman gives two suggestion. Suggestion one is……… suggestion two is……。
  (3) If I were the man/woman,I would follow the first/second suggestion.或者是In my opinion/as far as I’m concerned,the best thing for the man/woman to do is…。
  (4) Because I think……每一个省略为2句话。
  3、In this conversation,the man/woman is having a hard time dealing with the problem that …。And the woman/man offers him/ her two possible solutions. One is…… The other is …。And if it were my choice,I would choose the former/latter one,because……”
  4、In the conversation,the man/woman has a problem with his/her schedule/report/essay /study(听得时候判断到底是哪方面的问题)
  He or she couldn’t get/check out/afford ***(问题具体化)
  He/she needs to***So,the woman/man/professor/officer offers him/her two solutions/options
  The first solution/option is(概括,不用具体化)
  Another suggestion the professor/woman gives is(概括,不用具体化)
  And from my point of view/As for me,the second choice is preferable for the following reasons/the best way to solve this problem is :
  (自己的建议)First,the woman may confront the same problem in the future,it’s better for her to handle it now and gain some helpful experiences. Also,I have once faced the same situation as the woman does,and I ***(这么干的),it works well pretty well for me.
  5、The woman/man is facing the problem that…… So the man/woman offers him/her two solutions. One is…….Another is…。Well,to me,I prefer the first/second one. because (理由,常直接来自听力)……,(如果有时间),I was once faced with the similar trouble; I chose to(说支持的具体选择) and everything turned out to be all right.(记主要观点,要求发表自己观点)


口语第六道题目的出题模式是listening speaking


  通常情况下,教授会给出一个概念的定义,例如, the coin , natural selection 等,或者一个事件的梗概,或者介绍一种现象来开始,之后会就自己前面提出的概念,故事或者现象展开论述。在后面这个部分中,一些例子会被引进来证实和说明前面所提到的定义。说的部分会要求考生概括听力部分的主要内容并听力部分的观点和事例进行详细论证,典型问法为: Using points and examples from the talk, explain XX (某种现象或定义)presented by the professor
  Now listen to part of a lecture in a psychology class.
  Narrator: The professor describes the childrens psychology between eight years old and a half to ten years old, including the analysis of the differences between motherly love and fatherly love. Summarize the main points in the professors lecture.
  Today Id like to talk about the love between child and parents.(这个开篇句子点名整个文章的主题:love between child and parents.)
  For most children before the age from eight and a half to ten, the problem is almost exclusively that of being loved-of being loved for what one is. The child up to this age does not yet love: he responds gratefully and joyfully to being loved. At this point of the childs development a new factor enters into the picture: that of producing love by ones own activity. For the first time,. The child thinks of giving something to the maturing of love. Eventually the child may now be an adolescent and has overcome his egocentricity; the other person is not any more primarily a means to the satisfaction of his own needs. The needs of the other person are as important as his own in fact, they have become more important. To give has become more satisfactory and more joyous than to receive. To love has become more important even than being loved.
  In order to understand this shift from mother to father, we must consider the essential difference in quality between motherly and fatherly love. We have already spoken about motherly love. Motherly love by its very nature is unconditional. Mother loves the new-born infant because it is her child, not because the child has fulfilled any specific condition, or lived up to any specific expectation.
  The relationship to father is quite different. Mother is the home we come from. She is nature, soil, the ocean; But while father does not represent the natural world, he represents the other pole of pole of human existence. He represents the world of thought, of law and the order, of discipline, and of travel and adventure. Father is the one who teaches the child, who shows him the road into the world. Closely related to this function is one which is connected with socioeconomic development. When private property came into existence, and when private property could be inherited by one of the sons, father began to look for that son to whom he could leave his property. Naturally , that was the one whom father thought best fitted to become his successor, the son who was most like him and consequently whom he likes the most .
  第二段: 主要记录句子为:Essential difference in quality between motherly and fatherly loveMotherly love by its very nature is unconditional。其他的信息点可以记录也可以用心记。
  第三段:主要记录的句子为:Father does not represent any such natural home, he has little connection with the child in the first years of its life, and his importance for the child in this period can not be compared with that of mother. He represents the world of thought, of law and the order, of discipline, and of travel and adventure. 当然考试的时候考生不可能记录的这么完美。考生只要能把主要意思记录,例如natural home, thought, laworder, discipline, travel and adventure等写下来就好了。
  When a child reaches the age of around eight to ten, for the first time in his life the idea of love is changed from being loved into loving. As he grows into an adolescent eventually, he has overcome his egocentricity. For him now, to give has become more satisfactory and more joyous than to receive, to love has become more important even than being loved. There are essential differences in quality between motherly love and fatherly love. Motherly love is by nature unconditional. Mother loves a child not because the child has met any specific condition, or has lived up to any specific expectation. But the relationship to father is quite different .Father doesnt represent the natural world. He represents the world of thought, law and order, of discipline, and of travel and adventure.
  解析:先概括文章大意:When a child reaches the age of around eight to ten, for the first time in his life the idea of love is changed from being loved into loving. 之后用细节来支持自己的这个论点具体这里就不赘述了。复述的内容基本上和原听力材料一样。










▲ 转述教授讲的1个主题:

In this lecture, the professor talks about / discusses about / introduces about two Ys of X.(10 sec)


▲ 转述教授讲的2组要点、解释和例子:

The first ________ is (called / about) 名称 ,(which means that) 解释  .

For example, 例子(注意时态变化). (25 sec

The second ______ is (called / about) 名称 ,(which means that) 解释  .

For example, 例子(注意时态变化). (25 sec



The professor also mentions / says that内容.(Also, What’s more,In addition, Additionally,)


▲ 时间花不完,就总结。

So, these are the two Ys of X presented by the professor.


▲  In this lecture, the professor introduces a principle. According to this principle,

原理的具体含义.  (15 sec)

▲  The professor uses a controlled experiment to explain this principle.

Two groups of _________ were required to _________.  (15 sec)

▲  The first group of ___________________. __________.  (15 sec)

       However, the second group of _________. __________.   (15 sec)

或Compared with group 1, group 2 ______. _____.