Part A

1. W: Jane was really upset that you didn’t invite her to the graduation ceremony.

M: well, you know. They only let you invite four people. But as it turns out my brother can go after all. And she is the next in my list.

Q: what does the man mean?

2. M: Do you know what time the train goes into the city?

W: Normally it’s every 20 minutes. But, this’s weekend, so I’m not sure.

Q: What does the woman imply the man should do?

3. M: Could you do me a favor? I really need to get this notebook to Kathy, and I know she’s in your chemistry class this afternoon, so I was wondering.

W: Not a problem. Consider it done(包在我身上).

Q: What will the woman probably do?

4. W: There you are. Finally, we’d better get moving if we expected to get a seat.

The lectures start in fifteen minutes. And we still have a long walk ahead of us.

M: These things never start on time. And anyway, I don’t think it would be crowded.

Q: What does the man imply?

5. W: I studied French in high school, but I never really learned it until I spent the summer in Paris.

M: Really using the language makes all the differences, doesn’t it?

Q: What does the man imply?

6. W: I wait it until midnight for your call last night. You know I really need those notes.

M: Oh, I am so sorry. I get caught up on a conversation my roommate and completely

forgot. But you know what, I get there right here.

Q: What will the man probably do?

7. M: Can you believe that doctor Foster actually giving us an extra week to hand in the papers?

W: That’s time I can certainly use. Believe me, I am not even the half way through.

Q: What does the woman mean?

8. W: My parents want to come visit next weekend, but I check every hotel in the area, and all seem to be full.

M: Why not call the Coside inn, it’s not so near the campus but it’s always get a few vacancy.

Q: What does the man suggest the woman do?

9. M: I heard you’re looking for someone to pick up your mail when you are away the conference next week.

W: Oh, could you?

Q: What the woman want the man to do?

10. M: I just got back from the campus bookstore, every single textbook I need in

this semester is sold out.

W: That what you get the waiting until the day class begin.

Q: What does the woman imply?

11. M: I’m sorry, I shouldn’t volunteer to help you memorize your lines to the play, I still haven’t finish writing my essay.

W: That’s ok. Sue said she will help me rehearse if you couldnt do it.

Q:What will the woman probably do next?

12. M: You know, I was really hoping to get that journalism internship at the times. But I was only two weeks before start. And I still havent heard from them.

W: Don’t worry about it. They must be plenty of other places would be happy

to have you.

Q: What does the woman imply the man should do?

13. M: you know, Tims acting really funny lately, every since they won that tennis tournament last week and got photograph in the local paper. Well, he is kind of change, like he is hard to talk now.

W:yeah, I know what you mean, I guess its all going to his head(冲昏了头).

Q: What does the woman say about Tim?

14. W: if I can keep up the pace, I will graduate in just 3 years.

M: That may be true, but I never want to give up my summer breaks.

Q: What does the man imply?

15. W: I am heading over to the theatre box office to get the tickets for this weekend concert before youre all gone.

M: I hate to tell you this, but from what I read in the paper this morning, you are already too late.

Q: What does the man imply?

16. W: it’s no use. I will never learn to swim as well as you do.

M:Don’t give up so easily, remember I practically grow up in the water.

Q: What does the man mean?

17. M: You need to decide what are you going to do your research project done.

W: I have got the background information together, now all I need is to find the

right subject to observe.

Q: What does the woman mean?

18. W: What’s the problem? Don’t you have your apartment key?

M: It’s a good thing I leave a spare with my neighbor, I am going to have a stop by and asking for it. So I can get in and get my books.

Q: What will the man probably do next?

19. M: I am having a hard time keeping up my biology class. I am seriously considering hiring a tutor.

W: A word of adviceDon’t make a mistake I made last semester and wait until after midterm exam to do it.

Q: What does the woman imply?

20. M: we hope you enjoy year stay here at the hotel. Here your room key, and by the way, check out time is 12 noon.

W: Oh, thanks for reminding me. It’s a lovely hotel and I am not at all in a hurry to leave, but I would not want to be charged for a second night.

Q: What will the woman probably do?

21. W: I am thinking about spending my spring breaks skiing at central mountains.

You were there last year, how was it?

M: To be completely honest that left a lot to be desired(远非相像中好).

Q: What does the man imply?

22. M: did I read in the campus newspapers that your roommate was named the top

student in history department?

M:Oh, that’s highly unlikely, considering that her field is chemistry.

Q: What does the woman mean?

23. W:I know its short notice, but do you think to proofread the lab report for me tonight?

M: Talk about the last minute(怎么现在才说).

Q: What can be inferred about the man?

24. W: I have got to give my oral presentation in class tomorrow, and I am so nervous.

M: Maybe you just need a trial run, why don’t you use me as your audience?

Q: What does the man imply the woman should do?

25. M: you know I have to leave the basket ball game halfway through last night. So

I never found out who won.

W: Well, don’t look at me. I was just a few minutes behind you.

Q: what does the woman mean?

26. W: This salad needs something to give it some more flavour, don’t you think?

Youre right, tell me what you like and Ill run over(跑去)to the corner store, I need to get a few other items anyway.

Q: What does the man offer to do?

27. W: Jeff, I am so sorry, I don’t know what I did with your Spanish dictionary, of course, I will buy you a new one.

M: Don’t be silly, I have had that ragged(破旧的)old thing since junior high school, and I hardly ever use it anyway.

Q: What does the man imply?

28. M:Can I expect to see you at the party at the art gallery Friday night? The festivities(欢庆) begin at six and it probably last a few hours.

W: Oh, Yeah, I wouldnt miss it. Soccer practice doesn’t end until seven but then I will be there.

Q: What does the woman mean?

29. M: are you crazy, how come you blurted that out in front of doctor smith?

W: I don’t know, I guess he just caught me off guard(在我没留意时听到我说).

Q: What does the woman mean?

30. W: I hear you have got your own studio now, are you still painting in oils?

M: I am, and I just sold three pieces. And another one could shown in the exhibit next month.

Q: What can be inferred from the man?


Part B


M: Hi, rob, mind if I eat lunch with you?

W: No, Mr. Evens, not at all.

M: Thanks, I just heard you study nutrition and you’ve got a quite a bit experience working in the cafeteria, so I wonder if you have been interested in a small project we are doing this term.

W: What was the project all about?

M: More and more students have been deciding not to buy the meal plans here and we want to attract them back. So, I want to hear what students would like. Your job would be to found out. And, of course I’d like to hear the any of your own ideas.

W: Well, if the menus were changed, then maybe I would have to listen to so much criticism. You know I have taken several nutrition classes, and everyone there sees me when I serve food hear. So they always complaint to me about the food.

M: That makes you perfect for the job. Would you be interested?

W: I am not sure. What is sort of changes that you thinking of?

M: I’d like to make some changes in the way we prepare our food. For example, just look about we had to choose from today. You got a fried hamburg that dipping in oil

and I got fried chicken. They both contain too much fat.

W: But you’d better not get rid of them. They are everybody’s favorites.

M: Well, we can certainly keep them but we need to give the people who are health conscious some choices. For example we could also prepare chicken without the fatty skin, and served on some rice with light sauce. Do you think that would appeal to the students?

W: Well, I’d like fat. But you are right, you’d better find out what other think. Oh, sorry, I’ve got get back to work. I’d like to hear more though. Ill drop by your office later.

M: ok, see you then.


31. What are the speakers mainly discussing?

32. What is the woman’s current job in the cafeteria?

33. What does the man want the woman to do?

34. What does the man suggest the cafeteria to do?

35. How does the woman probably feel about the man’s project?



A: Hi, alias, you’ll never guess who I met last week. Bob Johnson.

B: You dont mean the bob Johnson who directed the choir(唱诗班) that perform on campus  last weekend?

A: That’s right.

B: But she is so famous. How do you get to meet her?

A: Well, you know how that program they handed out they printed the words to the carol(颂歌) pieces along with the translations? I found if all these mistakes in the Latin text, you know, typographical(印刷上的).

B: Wait a minute, you were actually reading the word?

A: Wow, I will so caught up in the performance that I never even look at the program.

B: I’d like to follow the test while I’m listening. It allows me understand what they are singing about. Anyway, when they were doing those Latin pieces, I notice all these mistakes, mostly spelling errors. But it was really annoying. So after the concert went over, people were crowding around the backstage to see her and soloist.

A: Yeah, I remember, there were dozens of people waiting here for autograph(亲笔签名).

B: Well, I wait to the end and then when I met Bob Johnson I showed her the mistakes I found.

A: Was she upset?

B: Upset? She actually thanked me and if I send her a copy of correct test. She

will revise(校订) it for the next time they sing those pieces. And even print my name in the acknowledgement as a program editor.

A: Woo, you are Latin must be pretty good to find out the errors.

B: I should hope so, I majoring in classics.

36. what is the man eager to tell the other students?

37. what can be inferred about the two students?

38. What was bob Johnson’s reaction to the man’s commons.

39. what will the man probably seen to bob Johnson.


Part C


The cattle ranching(经营牧场) industry started in the western US in the late eighteen hundreds. As the industry developed so did the horse ridding contests that we called rodeos. Rodeos werent always the big entertainment shows that we see nowadays. The first ones were small contests started as an informal competition among people historically referred to the cowboys. Although they didnt include both men and women. One duty of the cowboys was to guide the cattle from grass rangers into town along the railroad lines where the cows were loaded on to trains. The cowboys would gather near these cattle towns to compete for the unofficial title best horse rider”. They were demonstrated the riding skills that they had learned as a matter of survival. And the audience was composed mainly of other cowboys who watch the competitor critically since they knew what the events were all about. Rodeos contest took a different turn in the 1890’s, when organizers began to hold cowboys sports during yearly agriculture affairs. What was different with the audience? It consist mostly people who were unfamiliar with the life on the range. They were amazed by the skills of riders and intelligence of horses. The rodeos at agricultural affairs became so popular that ranchers and business people began to organize rodeos as independent events separate from fairs. The organizers built large arenas(竞技场), and earn money by requiring spectators to pay for admission. More and more notable rodeos held annually in Wyoming. It’s called frontier days. While “frontier days is not the first independent rodeo, it is the oldest annual show taking place each year since 1897.

40. What is the topic mainly about?

41. What can be inferred about the early radio?

42. What is the significant about the frontier days.


Weve been looking at fear from biological perspective. And someone asked whether the tendency to be fearful is genetic. While some study done with mice indicate that mammals do inherit fearfulness to some degree. In one study for instance, a group of mice were placed in the bright lit open boxes with no hiding places. Some of the mice wondered around the box and didnt appear to be bothered about being so exposed. But other mice didnt move. They stayed up against one wall, which indicate that they were afraid. Well, when fearful mice or you might say anxious mice like ones who stayed in one place. When mice like this were bred with one another repeatedly, after about 12 or so generations, then all of the offspring show similar signs of fearfulness. And even when the new born mouse from this generation was raised by a mother and with other mice who were not fearful, that mice still tend to be fearful as the result. Now, why is this? Well, its thought that the specific gene in animal body have influenced on the anxious behavior. These genes that are associated with particular nerve cell receptors in brain. And the degree of overall fearfulness in the mammal seem to depend in the large part on the presence or absence of these nerve cell receptors. And this appears to apply to humans as well by the way. But while the tendency towards anxiety and fear may well be an inherited trait, but the specific form that the fear takes has more to do individual environment. So a particular fear like the fear of snakes or the fear of spider, say, is not genetic. But the overall tendency to have fearful responses is.


43. What is the talk mainly about?

44. How did some of the mice in the study demonstrated that they were afraid?

45. According to the professor, what contribute to a mammal tendency to be


46. Why does the prof. mentions snakes and spiders?



One type of natural spring geographer is interested in is artesian spring. Hiking

through the woods some of you are surprised to see water flowing from the opening in the ground. That will no more ever. That may be artesian spring. To help you understand why water might flow like this from underground, I’d like to explain two basic

conditions that necessary for their formation. The first condition is that water must

be contained in an aquifer(含水土层). An aquifer is an underground layer of rock sediment that has pores or holes in it. And this pores rock allows water to flow through it freely. The aquifer must be inclined so that the over the surface of the ground. Rain water enter this through exposed and traveled downward to the lower portion of the aquifer. The second condition is that above and below the aquifer there must be layer of pores or clay. Either called aquicludes(含水土层), and they block or hinder the flow of water. Aquicludes prevent water from drilling out of aquifers. So, let us go back to our artesian spring. There usually located above the ground near the lower and wind …… aquifer. A artesian spring are those places some hole crack stand from the ground surface, down through the Aquicludes and into the aquifer. Now the rain water that had drilled into the aquifer makes expose up end created pressure at the low end, so if there is crack in the rock, a crack that run from the aquifer to the surface, then the pressure pushes the water up through it. and water trickling out of the artesian spring.

47. What is the topic mainly about?

48. Why are the aquicludes important to the development of the artesian spring?

49. According to the prof., how does water in the aquifer reach the ground surface?

50. What does the prof. Say about the pressure?