Passage One

One of the biggest changes in the way people in Britain spend their leisure time in recent years has been the increase in the amount of time spent watching television.The average winter viewing figures are now about twenty-eight hours per week.
As you might expect, television viewing is less popular in summer than in winter and more popular with old people than with any other age group. Viewing also varies according to social class, with professional and managerial classes watching less than the unskilled and the unemployed. On average, women watch more than men.

British TV has an international reputation for producing programmes of high quality, such as documentaries, nature programmes, comedies and drama series and according to the government there should be a combination of "competition, quality and choice" in any plans for the future of TV. However, not everyone agrees that more TV means better TV and it has been argued that the standard of programmes with a mass appeal such as soap operas, quiz shows and situation comedies isn't very high. "Minority" programmes, such as many of those broadcast on BBC 2 and Channel 4,might disappear.



16.Q:Who watches more TV in Britain?

17.Q:What is the average winter viewing figure now in Britain?
选B,信息明示题。文章第一段结尾明确提到,The average winter viewing figures are now about twenty-eight hours per week.

18.Q:What are "minority"programmes?
选A,信息明示题。由文章最后有相关内容,such as many of those broadcast on BBC 2 and Channel 4...可知A为答案。
appeal作名词时指“吸引力,感染力”,如:a city with appeal for tourists对游容有吸引力的城市;作动词时常与to连用,表“吸引,引起兴趣”,如:She
appeals to me.我对她感兴趣。也可以指“求助于,上诉,诉诸”,如:appeal a decision to a higher court不服判决向上级法院提出上诉。

Passage Two

Although important events often reflect themselves quickly in literature of a country, the effect of World War I on American writing was delayed. The war promptly produced some mediocre prose and poetry, but distinguished work-mainly in the form of novels-appeared only some years later. The best came from Emest Hemingway. He had already written some very good short stories and one first-class novel-The Sun Also Rises. But he did not publish a novel fully involved with the war until 1929. It proved worth waiting for.

The onset of the Great Depression, on the other hand, was rapidly mirrored in American literature, especially in novels, and during the ten years after the Depression started, much writing dealt with it. One of the best of these novels was John Steinbeck's The Grapes of Wrath. But the arrival of the Depression little affected Hemingway's attitudes. During the 1930s, he continued to publish novels and short stories. They dealt with a variety of subjects but customarily revealed his high view of courage. The brave did not always survive in his fiction but they lived their lives to the fullest. It was not until the late 1930s that reference to the Depression crept into Hemingway's writing and, even then, its influence was indirect.



19. Q: What does the passage say about the effect of World War I on American literature?

20.Q:How did the Great Depression affect Hemingway's writing?
选C,信息明示题。文中直接提到了But the arrival of the Depression little
affected Hemingway's attitudes,最后还说its influence was indirect,故选C。

21.Q:Who wrote the best novels dealing with World War I?
选B,信息明示题。由关键词the best,Emest Hemingway,first-class novel-The Sun Also Rises可知,B正确。文中也提到John Steinbeck的The Grapes of Wrath是反映大萧条的最优秀的小说之一。

22. Q: What's the passage mainly about?
worth意为“值…的,价值…的”,如:It isn't worth waiting for him.不值得等他。/a car worth $20,000一辆价值2万美元的小汽车。

Passage Three

One Saturday morning a careless motorist threw a lighted cigarette out of his car ten miles west of the small Canadian town of Stanton. The forest at the side of the road was dry because there had been no rain for many days. Within a few minutes the bushes and trees were on fire.

A lorry-driver saw the fire when he was on his way to Stanton. As soon as he reached the town he told the police about the fire. Soon firemen were hurrying westwards. When they reached the fire they saw that it was very big. It could not spread to the north because of a lake or to the south because of a wide river. But a west wind was carrying the fire towards Stanton and the firemen could not stop it.

When they realized this, one of the firemen sent a message back to the town by radio.The chief fire officer and hundreds of people hurried to a place about half a mile west of the town. There they used dynamite to blow down the trees and to clear a wide path or break through the forest. When the fire reached the break it began to die down because there was nothing left to burn. The wind blew some sparks across the break but firemen and volunteers soon beat out the small fires. After several hours they managed to put out the fire and save the town.



23. Q: How did the forest fire start?

24. Q: Why couldn't the fire spread to the north or to the south?
选B,信息明示题。文中明确提到It could not spread to the north because of a lake or to the south because of a wide river,故选B。

25. Q: What did the firemen do to put the fire under control?
* 解析
1)diedown意为“渐弱,消退,平静”,如:The winds died down.风渐渐平息了。
2)beat out有“扑灭(火),敲平”的意思,如:We beat the flames out.我们扑灭了火。/beat out the dent in car's wing锤平汽车挡泥板上的凹痕。