Some inventions happen in strange ways. The potato chip is one of them.

Moon’s Lake House was __1__   restaurant in New York in the 1850s. George Crum was the cook there. Many rich people often came to the restaurant   __2__(enjoy) his cooking.

The one thing that really upset Crum was   __3__   a customer complained about the food and sent it back to the kitchen to be done over. He would often return it overcooked. He was happy to see the customer walk out of the restaurant   __4__(angry)

On August 241853, a customer returned his fried potatoes to the kitchen__5__   they weren’t crunchy(脆的 ) enough.Crum reacted in his   __6__(usually) way. He cut the potatoes very thin and cooked them in hot oil. They were so crunchy and Crum was sure that the man would refuse   __7__(eat) them. Instead, the man loved them. He even asked for more.

Now, do you know   __8__   invented the potato chip? It’s George Crum! He   __9__(late) set up his own restaurant. He named it Crum’s House. He put baskets of his potato chips on all the tables. They made his restaurant a very popular place.

Today, potato chips are one of Americans’ __10__(favor) foods!


MikeI’d like to buy a computer. Could you please give me __1__  advice?

RoseYes, with  __2__(please). I’ve got some information about computers. Computers with a P4 work much  __3__(fast) than other ones.

MikeHow about computers with a P3?

RoseOh, very good__4__    they don’t work as fast as P4 computers, yet they are much cheaper.  Generally   __5__(speak), they can meet people’s   __6__ (need)  very well.

MikeI think I __7__  buy the fastest one I can get. My old computer was out of work lately. It __8__(work) slowly. I’ve got tired of that working speed.

RoseI dont think __9__   is necessary for you to buy the fastest one. It would be a waste of money. A P3 computer is __10__ (probable) good enough for you.

MikeThank you for your advice. Can you help me choose one?


Years ago, when I was a poor artist trying to sell my paintings in local galleries, I __1__(live) in the heart of a city. The rent for my apartment was really cheap   __2__    it was in the middle of one of the busiest neighborhoods in town.People who visited me used to ask me   __3__    I could sleep.Doesn’t the sound of the traffic bother you? How can you get used to  __4__   much noise You see, there were also rows and rows of shops and bars playing loud music day and night and my apartment was above a really loud and noisy  __5__But I found it all fascinating. If I were ever short   __6__   cash and couldn’t afford to do anything much, which in those days was usually the case, I could always go outside and take  __7__ look around.  You see, there were always a great number of tourists visiting the shops, so I could always find someone  __8__ (interest) to talk with. And Joe, the owner of the bar below me, could always give me a little money to survive on in exchange for  __9__(do) a few odd jobs for him. At the time, I suppose, I thought I was poor. Sometimes, we don’t realize how  __10__(fortune) we are, do we?


(Near the school gate, a woman driver was stopped by a traffic officer.)

OfficerMadam, do you know how fast you were going just now?

Driver(Looking at the record.) Uh, well, no! I didn’t think I was going that fast...

OfficerThis is a 25 mph zone, Madam. You see that school over there? You  __1__(go) 35 mph.

Driver__2__    today is Sunday, sir.  There is no school today.

OfficerMadam, there __3__(be)signs that say what the speed limit is. Besides, children often come to school on the weekend __4__(play) sports.  You see all those kids over there? What   __5__    you hit one of them by accident?

DriverI’m  __6__(terrible)sorry, Officer. I won’t do it again.  Could you please let me off with __7__ warning?

OfficerI’m afraid I can’t do that, Madam. In school zones, I’m required to give tickets to all drivers __8__   break the rules. It’s the law in this county.

DriverOh, dearHow __9__   is this going to cost me?

OfficerI don’t know, Madam. Usually, these things can be taken care of for __10__(little) than $ 100. Now please sign here at the bottom.



I was in the ninth year when I began to suffer depression.My parents noticed but felt that since I’d always been  __1__ good child, this was temporary.

__2__(fortunate), it was not to be so. I didn’t have friends. Hardly could I share my problems. Deep worry began to destroy my __3__(confident). Finally I refused to attend classes__4__(shut) myself in my room for hours.

The examination was approaching, but I simply didn’t care.  My parents and teachers were surprised at my bad performance.  One morning__5__    a particularly severe lecture from my father, I stood at the school gate__6__ (depress).  Then as the other students marched to their classrooms, our headmaster called me.  The next fortyfive minutes was one of the most precious __7__(moment) in my life.She said she __8__(notice) a big change in me and wondered why. At first she took my hands in __9__(she) and listened patiently as I mentioned my worries.  Then she hugged me as I wept.  Months of frustration and loneliness disappeared in her motherly hug.

No one had tried to understand what the real problem was except the headmaster__10__ helped me out simply by listening and hugging.



【语篇导读】 本文告诉我们薯条是怎么被发明出来的。

1a [考查冠词。restaurant是名词,此处表示泛指,故用不定冠词a]

2to enjoy [考查非谓语动词。这里用动词不定式作目的状语,表示许多富人常常来这里吃他烹饪的饭菜。]

3when [考查表语从句。此处应用when引导表语从句,且在从句中作时间状语。]

4angrily [考查副词。根据前面“walk out of the restaurant”可知,后面应用副词angrily修饰动词。]

5because [考查连词。根据语境可知,此处表示因为油炸的薯条不够脆,强调原因,故用because]

6usual [考查形容词。根据后面的名词way可知,此处应用形容词。]

7to eat [考查动词不定式。refuse to do sth拒绝做某事]

8who [考查疑问词。根据后面It’s George Crum可知,此处问的是谁发明了薯条。]

9later [考查副词。根据后面的“set up”可知,这里应用later]

10favorite [考查形容词。根据后面的“foods”可知,这里需要用形容词,且表示最喜欢的]


【语篇导读】 本文为MikeRose之间的一段对话。Mike想买一台电脑,为此他向Rose征求建议。Rose建议他买一台既满足需要又便宜的使用英特尔奔腾处理器的电脑。

1some [考查形容词。give sb some advice表示给某人一些建议some用于疑问句时表示希望得到对方的肯定回答,此时不用any]

2pleasure [考查名词。with pleasure表示当然了,很愿意,是固定短语。]

3faster [考查比较级。根据than的提示可知,此处应用比较级。]

4though/although [考查连词。此处为让步状语从句,表示尽管使用英特尔奔腾处理器的电脑没有使用英特尔奔腾处理器的电脑速度快,但是它们更便宜。]

5speaking [考查非谓语动词。generally speaking表示一般来说,为固定短语,在句中独立作状语。]

6needs [考查名词。此处表示它们能够很好地满足人们的需要。]

7should [考查情态动词。Mike觉得应该买运转最快的电脑。根据语境可知,应填should]

8had worked [考查过去完成时。根据前文中的“My old computer was out of work lately”可知,此处表示以前的电脑在坏掉前运转很慢,指过去的过去,因此使用过去完成时。]

9it [考查代词。此处it作宾语从句中的形式主语,其后的不定式“to buy the fastest one”是真正的主语。]

10probably [考查副词。此处用副词作状语。注意:该句中good作表语,不要误以为probable作表语。]


【语篇导读】 作者是一个穷困潦倒的画家,住在嘈杂的闹市区。难以继日时,Joe会施以援手,这让作者感到非常幸运。

1lived [考查一般过去时。本文描述的是多年前的事,因此用一般过去时。]

2because [考查连词。的公寓的房租很便宜,因为住在最繁忙之一的街区里。]

3how [考查引导词。根据语境可知,此处表示外边是繁忙的街区,那我是怎样睡着的?]

4so [考查固定结构。so much+不可数名词意为如此多的……”]

5one [考查代词。住的公寓在一个很吵闹的商店/酒吧上面。one代指商店或酒吧。]

6of [考查介词。be short of意为缺少/短缺……”]

7a [考查固定短语。take a look意为看一看,是固定结构。]

8interesting [考查形容词。根据语境可知,此处表示我找到某个有趣的人去交谈]

9doing [考查非谓语动词。介词“for”后应跟动词-ing形式。]

10fortunate [考查词性转换。根据语境可知,此空应填其形容词形式。]


【语篇导读】 这是一位女士和交警之间的一段对话,这位女士在学校附近超速。

1were going [考查过去进行时。根据语境可知,此处表示刚才女士驾车的速度已经达到35 mph,故用过去进行时。]

2But [考查连词。根据下文中的“There is no school today”可知,此处表示转折,意为但是今天是星期天,故用But]

3are [考查一般现在时和主谓一致。根据语境可知,此处是一般性的陈述,故用一般现在时;再根据空格后的signs可知,此处用复数形式,故填are]

4to play [考查动词不定式。根据语境可知,此处表示孩子们经常在周末到学校来运动,此处应用动词不定式作目的状语,即to play]

5if [考查固定短语。此处表示如果你意外撞倒他们中的一个怎么办,故此处用what if如果……怎么办的固定结构。]

6terribly [考查副词。此处用副词terribly修饰形容sorry,表示十分抱歉]

7a [考查冠词。此处表示你能放过我,只给一个警告吗?,故用不定冠词a]

8who/that [考查定语从句。分析句子成分可知,“__8__ break the rules”是定语从句,修饰先行词drivers,指人,从句中缺少主语,故可用whothat]

9much [考查副词。此处表示需要罚多少,用How much]

10less [考查比较级。根据空格后的than可知,此处用little的比较级less]


【语篇导读】 本文讲述了作者小时候患抑郁症后得到了校长的关爱而走出阴影的故事。

1a [考查冠词。child是可数名词,且第一次在文章中出现,故用不定冠词修饰,表示一个好孩子。]

2Unfortunately [考查副词。不幸的是,情况并非如此。根据逗号的提示可知,此处应用所给词的副词形式,修饰整个句子,作状语。再根据句意可知,应用Unfortunately]

3confidence [考查名词。my是形容词性物主代词,修饰名词,作定语,故用confidence]

4shutting [考查现在分词。shut和句子主语I构成逻辑上的主谓关系,故用现在分词作状语。]

5after [考查连词。根据语境可知,此处应用连词after,表示……之后]

6depressed [考查形容词。由句子的主语I和该空前的逗号可知,应用形容词depressed在句子中作状语。]

7moments [考查名词。根据空格前的“one of”并结合语境可知,此处用最高级修饰名词moments,表示最珍贵的时刻之一]

8had noticed [考查过去完成时。notice的动作发生在said之前,表示过去的过去,故用过去完成时。]

9hers [考查代词。介词后跟名词、代词或动名词作宾语,且由空格前的“my hands”可知,此处用名词性物主代词hers,表示她的手。]

10who [考查非限定性定语从句。who引导非限定性定语从句,在从句中作主语,修饰先行词the headmaster]