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第七课 季节/沟通方式


Which season do you love the most? And why?  你最喜欢哪个季节,为什么?

I think that would be scenery: the high, light blue sky with the fluffy clouds dancing randomly underneath, the breeze is gently kissing your  face, the trees are green and amazing fragrance in the air.  我觉得是春季。你知道那种极好的春天的景色:高高的、浅蓝色的天空,下面飘着自由自在的蓬松的白云,微风在亲吻着你的脸庞,诱人的绿色贪婪地爬满了所有的树枝,迷人的香气弥漫在空气之中。

2. What is your favorite season? And what do you do in that season?   你最喜欢哪个季节?你在那个季节做什么?

My favorite season is spring because after a long and cold winter, spring always gives people a kind of vigor. I love spring outing with my friends or with my family to enjoy the pulse of spring. Any touch of green will excite us, and the fresh smell of the ground is always so inspiring. We laugh and sing and have picnics together.  我最喜欢的季节是春季,因为过了一个漫长寒冷的冬季之后,春季总是给人们一种活力。我喜爱跟朋友或家人去春游,享受春天的脉动。触摸到任何绿色都会使我们兴奋,土壤的新鲜气息总是那么激动人心。我们笑着唱着并且在一起野餐。

3. Would you describe the climate of the place where you live?   你能描述一下你居住地方的气候吗?

Zhanjiang has temperate continental climate with an annual average temperature of 7.8 degrees Celsius, rain fall of 734 millimeters, and a frost-free period of 159 days. Spring and autumn are pretty short and windy, where-as summer and winter are extremely long.   沈阳是温带大陆气候,年平均气温为7.8摄氏度,降水量734毫米,无霜期为159天。春秋季节短又多风,而夏季和冬季很漫长。

4. Can you describe some bad weather you once experienced?  你能描述一下你曾经遇过的坏天气吗?

That would be one bay in May last year when I was caught by the heaviest sandstorm of that year. I was on my way home from work. It was all yellow. You couldn’t even see people a few steps away. And the wind blew fiercely, so you were unable to open your eyes. All the vehicles were moving like snails. It took me twice as much time as usual to go home that day.  那应该是去年5月的一天,我赶上了那一年最严重的沙尘暴。我下班回家的时候,所有的东西都是黄色的,你甚至看不到离你几步远的人。风猛烈地刮着,以至于你都睁不开眼睛。所有的车辆都像蜗牛一样缓慢移动着。我那天回家用了平时两倍的时间。

5.What  do people usually do in spring ?人们在春天一般做什么?

In spring, people are usually crazy about going out for picnics and soaking up the beautiful sunshine. Sometimes people go hiking during the weekend to enjoy the picturesque spring view.  在春天的时候,人们总是热衷于外出野炊,去享受美妙的阳光.有时人们在周末去徒步旅行,享受如画的春季美景.



Describe your favorite communication method.

You should say:

    what it is

when you use it

what its advantages are

and explain why you like it.


Thanks to development in technology, we are able to communicate much easier that before. Telephone, fax, and Internet bring so much convenience to our daily life. However, if possible, I still prefer writing a letter to a friend or relative in ink instead of striking the keys on a keyboard. Writing and reading a letter is not only for the sake of telling about something, but a way to make the reader share the feelings of the writer. After a day’s snowing, the ground, trees and buildings were all covered with white snow, and the air was so fresh that you couldn’t help taking more deep breath. Then you thought of one of your good friends in the far south, and you were eager to let him share the beauty of such a snowy night. You just took out a piece of dark blue paper on which you could write down your fondness and sentiment with white fluorescent pen. Then you sealed it well, and put it into a mailbox. A letter with your feelings would arrive at your friend within a few days.



1. Why do people need communication?  为什么人们需要沟通?

Communication can make people get information, which is going to benefit their work and life. 沟通可以使人们获取对他们的工作和生活更有益的信息。

2. What communication method did people use in the past?  过去人们的沟通方式是什么?

People used to communicate with each other by telephone and by mail.   过去人们常常通过电话或邮政系统来联系。

3. How are people going to communicate in the future?  未来人们会怎么沟通?

People will use mobile phones and MSN a lot because they are quite efficient.  人们会更多使用手机以及MSN,因为它们非常有效率。

4. What’s the difference between writing letters and sending emails?  写信和电子邮件有什么区别?

Emails are faster and more convenient than letters. They can get to a friend who is far from you within seconds.  电子邮件比信件更快也更便利。电邮可以在几秒钟到达你遥远的朋友那里。

5. What’s the difference between making calls with the telephone and with the mobile phone?  用电话和手机打电话有什么不同?

Telephones are cheaper, but you have to stay in a room to make a telephone call. If you have a mobile phone, it’s quite convenient. You can make a phone call nearly in every part of the world.  电话机更便宜,但你必须呆在一个房间里来通话。如果你有手机,就非常方便了。你几乎可以在世界每个角落打电话。