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第六课 时间/旅游


1.What is the importance of time ?  你对时间的重要性有什么看法?

Well, I think time is very important. Indeed ,we are all living in a world where the time is becoming more and more precious. It is very hard to imagine how someone can survive without knowing how to cherish time. And obviously, time has become the priority number one when it comes to almost everything and we are going nowhere without it; It is not too much to say time has already become one of the very few things that can’t be measured  in terms of money;  嗯,我以为时间是相当重要的。事实上,我们就生活在一个时间变得越来越珍贵的世界。很难想象,一个不知道如何珍惜时间的人怎么能够生存下去。显然,对于任何事情,时间已经成首要因素;没有时间,我们什么也做不了;再怎么说,时间已经成为不能用金钱衡量的为数不多的东西之一了。

2.When do you think time fast and when do you think time goes slow?  你认为什么时候时间过得快,什么时候过得慢?

As the saying goes “Time always flies when you are having fun;”say, when you are doing something you are crazy about, you are gonna think time goes really fast; conversely, you are gonna think time is dragging when you are dealing with something you are sick of. For example, I am a big fan of dancing, so I think time is cruising every time when I hang out dancing clubs dance with my buddies. 就像谚语所云: 快乐时光易逝;当你在做你喜欢的事情的时候,你会认为时间过得很快;相反的,当你在做你讨厌的事情的时候,你就会认为时间过得慢了。例如,我是个很找跳舞的人,因此我总觉得,时间就像水一样流逝过去了。

What is your busiest time in the whole day? 你一天中什么时候最忙?

That would be in the morning. You know, I only have our hour to get everything ready for work:struggling to get up by the annoying alarm clock, getting dressed with my eyes closed, grabbing a quick bite while rushing into the teeny, tiny apartment with all the guys jammed like sardines;   那应该是在早上的时候。我大概需要应该小时来为工作做准备:在闹钟响了之后,挣扎着起床;闭着眼镜着装;边刷牙的同时有迅速地吃早餐;小小的隔间被我们这些家伙挤得像鱼子 酱一样;

Which time of the day do you like best?  一天中你最喜欢哪段时间?

Generally speaking, I usually say at home, hitting the books. You know, I got a really big fish to fry now;It is taking IELTS. Hopefully I can get a high mark and go abroad pretty soon. But it really depends. As the saying goes “All work and no play makes Jack a doll boy;”So I think I deserve having some time to get relaxed. So when it comes to the weekend,  I usually hang out in pubs or clubs with my buddies and paint the town red;  一般来说,我通常都待在家里啃书。我现在还有一件天大 的事要完成呢;那就是参加雅思考试。真希望我可以拿个高分,然后马上就出国。但是这也要看情况,就像习语所云:整天工作、没有娱乐会使人变成傻子的;所以我认为我也需要一点放松的时间。因此每到周末,我通常都会和我的朋友去酒吧或俱乐部狂欢。

Why do you like going to clubs at night?  你为什么喜欢晚上去俱乐部呢?

Well, you know, we are living in a world where the competition is getting fiercer. It is hard to imagine what it would be like without knowing how to relax. And certainly, hanging out in clubs is a good way to relax. So this is why I am a big fan of it.   嗯,大家都知道,我们生活在一个竞争越来越激烈的世界。几乎很难想象一个人如果不懂得如何放松的话,他回变成什么样。显然,去俱乐部是一种放松的合适放式,因此这就是我作为一个俱乐部迷的原因。


Describe your latest travel in detail.

You should say:

with whom and the destination

how long it took you to get to the destination

describe the natural scene

and explain why you think this is interesting.


Last month, I went to Shenzhen on business by myself. I went by air and it took me about two hours to get there. It’s one of the best cities I visited in China. It made a deep impression on me. The sky is blue. Trees and grass are green and people are vigorous. I began to like it as soon as I stepped on the earth of this city. Shenzhen is a modern city. More and more young people go there to work and live. They make great contributions to the city development. There’s place which is called China, the Magnificent. It’s the largest and richest miniature scenery park in the world, occupying a spacious area. The park displays nearly 100 China’s most famous cultural and natural attractions in the miniature form arranged according to their geographical location as shown on the map. Among them era the Great Wall, the terra-cotta warriors and horses excavated from the Emperor Qin Shi Huang’s tomb in Xi’an. The park is designed and constructed by experts in cultural relics and ancient architecture. Actually, when you are visiting this place, it’s like that you are finishing your tour around China in one day. It was really amazing.    



1. Do Chinese people like traveling nowadays?  现在中国人喜欢旅游么?

Yes, I think we enjoy traveling whenever we have a holiday.   是,我想我们只要一有假期,就会去旅行。

2. What’s your goal to travel?  旅行的目的是什么?

Because we have a better living standard now. We have money, and we think that spending is worthwhile because it can broaden my view. Besides, I can learn a lot about China since we have so many different cultures and customs.   因为我们现在有很好的生活水平。我们有钱并且觉得花钱在旅行上是值得的,因为可以开阔我们的眼界。此外,我可以学到很多关于中国的知识因为我们有如此之多的 文化和习俗。

3. What’s the difference between the traveling nowadays and a hundred years ago?  100年前和现在的旅行有什么不同?   

Well, in the past, people would ride a horse or take a carriage for traveling. And their destination would be a prosperous city. But now we will go from city to countryside to enjoy the natural scenery available. Everyone can choose one way freely.  在过去,人们通常骑马或是坐马车去旅行。他们的目的地大多是繁华的城市。但是现在我们从城市出发到乡下去观赏自然风景,并且有很多不同的可用的交通工具供我们使用,每个人都可以自由选择一种方式。

4. When do Chinese people go on traveling?   中国人什么时候去旅行?

You know, we have a seven-day holiday in May and October. People like going on trips during these two holidays.   我们有五月和十月的7天假期。人们喜欢在这两个假期旅行。

5. Where do they usually go?  人们通常去哪?  

They go to famous. For example, they go to the seaside, mountains or some holiday inns.   人们去著名的旅游胜地,比如去海滨,名山或是假日酒店

6. Did any interesting things happen during your travel? Can you describe it for me?   在旅行期间,有什么有趣的事情发生么?你可以给我讲一下么?  

Oh, your question reminds me. When I was going to a coastal city by ship, I met my high school classmate at the bar of the ship. We were so excited to see each other. What a pleasant surprise:     你的问题使我想起,有一次我坐船去一座沿海城市,在船的酒吧里遇到了我的高中同学。我们见到彼此都很兴奋和开心,真是奇迹

7. What’s the advantage and disadvantage of tourism for the country?    旅游业对国家有什么优点和缺点?

It helps the government to develop their economy. But sometimes the natural scenery will be spoiled if too many visitors come.  可以帮助政府发展经济,但是如果游客过多,会破坏自然景观。

8. Why do you think China can attract people to travel?  为什么你认为中国能吸引人来旅游?

China is one of the countries in the world with the earliest civilization. Historical sites are scattered all over the country like stars in the sky, and museums of various of various sizes bring tourists to ancient Chinese civilization.  中国是世界上最早的文明古国之一。文物古迹像天空中的繁星一样遍布全国,多种多样的历史博物馆带人们回到了古老的中国文明。