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第四课 工作/体育运动


1.Are you working or studying ?你现在是在工作还是学习?

I’m just working as an accountant in an international bank, named City Bank.我现在正在花旗银行一家国际银行做会计。

2.What are your responsibility?  你的职责是什么?

My routine is to be charge of the calculation of the salary of employees as well as the expenses. At times, I also help the staff working in marketing make presentations. 我一般的工作是负责雇员的收入与支出的计算。有时候。我也会协助市场营销的员工作介绍。

3.What do you do in the office every day? 你每天工作内容是什么?

I start at nine o’clock and then get the balance sheet from the computer and check the information about the expenses of the staff.  我从9点开始工作,然后会从计算机中调出资产决算表,核查公司员工支出的信息。

4.How do you like your job?  你喜欢你的工作吗?

I think it’s of great benefits to me.I can meet  different people and negotiate with them. If I can sign a contract, that’s my feat.  我觉得我的工作给我带来很大益处。我可以和不同的人见面并且与他们洽谈。如果我可以和他们签合同,那就是我的业绩。

5.What changes would you like to make to your job?  你希望你的工作有哪些改变?

I’d  prefer to be a financial controller responsible for the whole department of finance. If possible, I wish to work in stock exchange in the future.  我希望成为负责整个财务部门的总会计师。如果可能,我希望将来可以在证券交易所里工作。

6.What aspects do you like or dislike about your job?  你对你的工作满意或不满意的方面有哪些?

Well, my job is quite stable, I can work there until  I retire. Yet l have to go on business trip frequently, which affects my normal life.  我的工作很稳定,我可以一直工作都退休。但是频繁的出差影响了我的日常生活。


Describe a physical exercise.

You should say:

what it is when you do it

how often you do it  

and explain what benefits it brings to you.


My favorite physical exercise is jogging. It is perhaps the most popular and healthy way of keeping fit for people, It is basically running at a steady speed over a certain distance. It is a form of exercise which can be enjoyed by men and women of any age. One of the main advantages of jogging is that it can be done anywhere. People jog around college campuses, in parks and even on city streets. No special courts or running tracks are necessary. Similarly, no special equipment is required. What I need is just a pair of good quality running shoes and loose comfortable clothing. In addition to being able to jog around anywhere, I can also jog at any time. I usually jog in the morning. There is a saying that one day’s planning is in the morning. When I go jogging around the campus,the fresh morning air makes me feel energetic. After jogging I feel in a good mood and can concentrate on my study. Since jogging is a solo sport, I don’t need to wait until I have found a partner or gathered a team. I can jog alone. Still another good thing about jogging is that it doesn’t require any special training or skill. I can start a few basic warm up bends and stretches. It is easy and convenient. It is good for my lungs and heart.  



1. What are the sports facilities like in your hometown?  你家乡有哪些运动设施?

Beijing has a lot of modern indoor facilities offering bowling, tennis, swimming, and other things. But they are not free and you have to belong to the club in order to use these facilities. I am a member of a tennis club in Chaoyang District. It is not hard to apply for membership to club. You just fill in a form and pay several hundred yuan as the membership fee. Besides the indoor facilities, there are many outdoor sports facilities in the neighborhood communities. They are mostly for the elderly and children.   比北京有很多现代室内设施,提供保龄球、网球、游泳及其他体育项目。但是它们是要收费的,而且只有当你是该俱乐部的会员时才可以使用这些体育器材。我是朝阳区网球俱乐部的一名会员。申请入会其实不难,你只需填一份表格,花上几百元就可以了。除了室内设施,在社区里都会设有室外体育器材。它们大都适合于老年人和小孩使用。

2. What are the differences between sports women like and those men like?  男性和女性在运动方面有什么不同?  

As a young boy, I like some severe sports, like football and basketball. Sometimes I play boxing with my friends. I don’t think this sport suitable for women. Most women prefer some quiet sports, I mean, without much body touch, like table tennis or some sports that are good for keeping a good figure. 作为一个小男生,我像足球、篮球等激烈运动。有时我也会和朋友一起打打拳击。我认为这项运动就不适合女性,大多女生小孩安静一点的运动,我的意思是不需要什么身体接触的运动,像打乒乓球这样的运动可以帮助保持身材。

3. What are the differences between the sports now and 20 years ago?  现在和20年前在运动方面有什么不同?  

There were few sports facilities 20 years ago. People only did sports on the playgrounds of factories or campus. There were few stadiums or sports clubs. Besides, the types of sports then were monotonic. People usually play basketball or table tennis. With the development of society, people now are more aware of the value of sports. More indoor swimming pools, tennis courts and other sports clubs appear. People have more fitness exercise.   20 年前体育设施很少,人们只在工厂或者校园里的操场上运动,而今有很多体育馆好体育俱乐部。此外,以前运动类型也非常单调,人们通常打打篮球和乒乓球。随着社会的发展,现在人越来越意识到锻炼的重要性,更多室内游泳池、网球场和其他体育俱乐部出现。他们做有氧运动、练瑜伽和形体训练。

4. What are the differences between men and women in the way they relax?  男性和女性放松自己方面有什么不同?

Men usually relax by watching TV or movies. Sometimes they play sports to relax. Women like shopping in their spare time. They think strolling aimlessly in the streets is enjoyment. They also like chatting with friends. 男人通常通过看电影电视来放松自己,有时也通过运动来放松自己。女人会在空闲时间里逛街,她们觉得在街上漫无目的地溜达是一种享受,她们也喜欢和朋友聊天。

5. What are the differences in people’s pressure between now and the past?  与过去相比,当今人们所承受的压力有所不同吗?

I think people now have more pressure than in the past. They face more pressure from jobs or study. With the increasing amount of college graduates, it is more difficult to find proper jobs. The competition for job is also tougher. People want to be more successful than people around them. It makes them feel more pressured.    更以前比起来,现在的人们有了更大的压力。他们有面临很多的工作和学习的压力。随着大学毕业越来越多,要想找到合适的工作也越来越难。工作上的竞争也更激烈,人们都想要比他们周围的人更有成就,这样就会使他们更有压力。

6. Do you think it is important to relax?  你认为放松自己很重要吗?

Yes, I think it is extremely important for people to learn how to relax. In modern society we face a lot of pressure. We should learn how to relieve the burdens and worries. After relaxing we’ll be in better mood and more energetic to do our study or job.  是的,我认为一个人学会怎么样放松极其重要。在现代社会,我们面临很多压力,我们应该学会怎样排忧解难。放松后我们心情会更好,而且在学习或工作上会更有精神。

7. What pressure do you think you’ll have after going abroad?  出国后你会有什么压力?

I think the biggest pressure comes from the strange environment. I may have difficulties in communicating with others. I have to spend some time to improve my English. And it will me time to get used to the food and weather abroad. I will be homesick, especially at the beginning. But I think I will overcome these pressures.   陌生的环境将会是一个最大的压力。与他人交流我可能会有困难,我必须花些时间来提高自己的英语水平,我也会花上很多时间来适应当地的食物和天气。一开始,我可能会非常想家,但我想这些我都会克服的。

8. Who do you think like chatting on-line more, men or women?    男性和女性,谁更喜欢网上聊天?

I think women like chatting on-line more because they like talking about the worries and sorrows in life with others. Men don’t like speaking out their worries. They’d rather play computer games on-line to relax.   我想女性更喜欢在网上聊天,因为她们喜欢向他人倾诉自己的烦恼和悲伤。男性就不大喜欢吐露烦恼,他们宁愿上网玩游戏来放松自己。