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第二课 故乡/家用电器


Where do you come from?  你来自哪里?

I come from Zhanjiang.It’s a place with fascinating scenery in Guangdong,the south of China. 我来自湛江,那是一个座落在中国南方的广东的旅游胜地。

2.Can you talk about your hometown?  你可以谈谈你的家乡吗?

It’s a very clean city with a small population.The weather is humid because it’s in the south of China.The economy is not very developed but people live a peaceful life there.In addition, the locals have a welcoming attitude for strangers.那是一个人少而干净的城市。因为地处中国的南方,所以天气湿热。虽然那里经济不是很发达,但是那里的人都过着平静的生活。另外,当地人对陌生人都抱着欢迎的态度。

3.What kind of street do you live in?你住在怎样的街道上?

I live close to a busy street.Many tourists go to that street to buy some souvenirs.我住在城市的商业繁华区附近,很多游客都会去那条街上买纪念品。

4.Is there any local food in your hometown?  你的家乡有什么当地小吃?

Tropical fruits, such as mango, etc, are special. 有很特别的热带水果,像芒果等。

5.What is the climate like? 气候怎么样?

In summer, it’s raining and humid. The average temperature is about 25 degrees centigrade all year long.在夏天的时候,会多雨、湿热。全年平均湿度在25 摄氏度左右。

6.What do you like best about your hometown?  你最爱你的家乡的什么?

We’ve got a long history and rich culture.There are some special customs and celebration . This is the preserved feature of my hometown. 我的家乡历史悠久,文化丰富。那里有很多特别的习俗和庆祝活动。这就是我们的家乡独有的特点。

7.What is the tourism feature of your hometown? 你的家乡旅游特色是什么?

We’ve got hot springs.Normally, tourists enjoy it in every season. They can relax in the water. 我们那儿有温泉,通常,旅客可以在任何季节来玩,温泉可以让他们放松。


Describe one electric appliance.

You should say:

what it is

how often you use it

whether it is important

and explain why it important to you.


    The electric appliance I’d like to describe is microwave oven. As one of the main inventions in the 20th century, microwave oven brings about great changes to our lives. I think it is the most useful appliance in kitchen.

Firstly, the invention of microwave oven changes our cooking habit. We needn’t suffer form the smell of smoke and oil any more. Microwave oven provides a cleaner and faster way of cooking. Besides, there is no unbearable heat in the kitchen. We needn’t worry about being burnt by the flame or steam. What we need to do is just to put the dish in the magic box and start the knob.

Another advantage of microwave oven is that it offers us more healthy dishes. The food is not cooked by heat, but by microwave. The nutrition in vegetables or meat can be maintained to the greatest extent. What’s more, the appearance and color of dishes is not destroyed either, Since I got a microwave oven in the kitchen I like cooking more. It is convenient and enjoyable.

But we also should keep it inn mind that technology has another side. Microwave ovens should be used cautiously or they can be dangerous. Not every utensil or food can be put  into it. Once I heated a boiled egg in the microwave oven, what happened, guess? The egg exploded into pieces. Oh, it frightened me. I learned from then on that boiled eggs can’t be heated in microwave ovens even if without the shell.

    我想讲的电子器具是微波炉。微波炉作为20 世纪最主要的发现之一,它给人们的生活带来了很大的变化。我想它应该算是厨房里最有用的器具。




1. What changes do you think technology brings about to our lives? 科技带给我们生活什么变化?

On one hand, technology makes our life more convenient and comfortable. For instance, TV and MP3 provide us with more entertainment; the washing machine and dishwasher reduce our housework greatly; automobiles make it possible for us to travel a long distance in the short time. But on the other hand, technology causes a lot problems. It make people lazy and rely on machines too much. And the development of technology destroys the environment.  一方面,科技发展给我们带来方便和舒适。比如像电视,洗碗机MP3给我们娱乐提供了方便,洗衣机减少了我们做家务的时间,汽车使我们早短时间内距离旅行成为可能。但是另一方面,科技的发展也带来了一下问题,它使得人们变得懒散,过分依赖机器运作,而且它也一定程度上破坏了环境。

2. What machines do you have at home?  你家里有什么电器?

I’ve got a washing machine, a dishwasher, a fridge, a air conditioner and some other electric appliances. 我有一个洗衣机,洗碗机冰箱,空调和一下别的电器。  

3. Which machine is the most important to you?   对你来说。哪个电器最重要?

I think it the washing machine, because I am too busy to wash clothes. It can save me a lot of trouble. 我认为是洗衣机,因为我太忙了所有不能洗衣机。它给我省了很大麻烦。

4. What advantages are brought by modern technology to our housework?  现代科技给我们的家务活带来的好处是什么?

It makes household much easier to do so it saves a lot of time for us and makes our houses cleaner, For example, we can use vacuum cleaner or dishwasher. 它让家人做家务时比较容易,而且给我们省了很多时间,还让我们的家更干净。例如,我们可以吸尘器和洗碗机。

5. How have the machines used by people in our daily life changed in the past 20 years?  20年前我们日常所使用的电器有什么变化?

Machines are becoming more and more portable and convenient to use. Besides, we didn’t have mobile phones or digital cameras in the past.  机器变得越来越便携和方便使用,此外,我们以前没有手机和数码相机。